Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg Files Lawsuit Against Rep. Jim Jordan
Jordan had stated on Wednesday that House Republicans desired to question Bragg in front of Congress to see whether or not he had collaborated with federal agents prior to the indictment. The day befor ... Read More.
Levin: We Need To Prepare For War With China, It's Inevitable
“We need to get ready for war with China. not since we favor war. not because we intend to start a war. However, because they favor war. Only 10,000 various ways have they stated it, including by invad ... Read More.
Jean-Pierre Defends Biden Who's Not Taking Press Conferences From Media
“I speak for a journalistic group that owns 113 television stations. I’m frequently asked a question to which I have no response, so I’ll put it to you: Is the government attempting to shield the presi ... Read More.
Kennedy: FedNow CBDC Will Lead To "Financial Slavery And Political Tyranny"
Kennedy vented his anger about the latest FED announcement on Twitter. He claims that the widespread adoption of a government-monitored CBDC has eliminated the anonymity of cash transactions. ... Read More.
Dershowitz On Trump Arraignment, Charges: "Where's The Victim Here?" "They Injured Who?
Bragg often changes crimes with victims from felonies to misdemeanors. Now, Dershowitz says, he is trying to change crimes with no victims from not a misdemeanor to a misdemeanor and then to a felony.​ ... Read More.
Will The NY Judge Be Biased Against President Trump?
CNN’s Bash enquired as to whether Joseph Tacopina, the former president’s lawyer, would seek a replacement judge for the case. Tacopina supported Trump’s charges of “political persecution” and stated t ... Read More.
Ivanka And Jared Break Silence On Donald Trump's Indictment
Ivanka Trump stated, “I love my father and I love my nation,” in a brief message shared on social media. “I am hurt for both today. I value the voices from all political perspectives expressing support ... Read More.
Former AG Bill Barr Claims Trump Indictment Meant To Sabotage His 2024 Run
“We’ve never seen it. Barr stated, “We don’t exactly know what’s there. Yet based on the news accounts, it appears to be a classic example of the prosecutorial role being abused to carry out a politica ... Read More.
Kari Lake Declares Her Legal Team Is Not Been Given Access To Inspect Ballots
“Unashamedly HIDING EVIDENCE from us are election officials. The smoking gun is this. They should be sorry because I’m not giving up, even if it means using the law to have them turn up evidence.” ... Read More.
DeSantis Tweets He Won't Help With Extradition of Donald J. Trump
The Florida governor claimed that “the Soros-backed Manhattan District Attorney has regularly bent the law to lower offenses and to justify criminal behaviour.” “Yet, he is now abusing the legal system ... Read More.
Dershowitz: Case Against Trump Is Weakest I've Ever Seen
Dershowitz asserted that if Trump’s name wasn’t included, he thinks this case would be dismissed. If the defendant’s name wasn’t Donald Trump and the location wasn’t New York, he said, “I never seen a ... Read More.
They Indicted Former President Donald J. Trump on 34 Counts!!
And now he’s learning via your reporting that there are 34 cases of falsification of business records. Do you comprehend that there are more or maybe more various charges, or do you understand the full ... Read More.
Donald Trump Responds To Manhattan DA Indictment
“The Democrats have lied, cheated, and stolen in their obsession with trying to ‘Get Trump,’ but now they’ve done the unthinkable — indicted a perfectly innocent individual in an act of obvious Electio ... Read More.
Manhattan Grand Jury Votes to Indict Former President Donald Trump | Report
It is the first time in history that a former U.S. president has been charged with a crime thanks to the historic indictment, which was announced on Thursday by numerous media agencies. It comes as Tru ... Read More.
Some Senate Republicans Do Not Want McCarthy To Push Iraqi War Authorization Repeal
McCarthy stated to reporters last week that he had no objections to removing the authorizations, but since then, Senate Republicans, especially Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, have put pressure on him ... Read More.

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