US Department of Energy's Northeast Gasoline Sale: Political Move or Price Game Changer?
The US Department of Energy plans to sell a million barrels of gasoline from a strategic reserve in the northeast to reduce gas prices before summer. President Biden sees it as a political move, but it ... Read More.
Biden Administration Cancels $7.7 Billion in Student Loans, Benefiting 160,000 Borrowers
The Biden administration cancels $7.7 billion in federal student loans, benefiting 160,000 borrowers. This move is part of a larger plan to erase $167 billion in student debt for nearly 5 million Ameri ... Read More.
Trump Admits to Avoiding Testifying in Hush Money Trial Due to His Past
Donald Trump’s hesitance to testify in his hush money trial due to concerns about his past being exposed by prosecutors. Judge confirms his right to testify despite earlier claims. ... Read More.
Giuliani's 80th Birthday Bash: From Patriotic Cake to Indictment Drama
Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani served patriotic-themed cake at 80th birthday bash in Palm Beach, Florida but faced indictment regarding alleged scheme to overturn 2020 election results in Arizona. Indi ... Read More.
President Biden's Strategic Outreach to Reignite Support Among Black Voters: From Morehouse to Detroit
President Biden stages high-profile events to win back support from Black voters, starting with a commencement address at Morehouse College and a speech at an NAACP dinner in Detroit. ... Read More.
Melinda French Gates Walks Away From Co-Chair of Gates Foundation For New Future Direction
Melinda French Gates announces departure from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to champion global women’s rights. Details on her advocacy and recent developments post-divorce. ... Read More.
Mexico's Bold Trade Move: Shaking Up Trade While Subtly Criticizing CCP Policy
Mexico imposes temporary import duties on over 500 products, with levies from 5 to 50%. This move signals a significant shift in trade policy, affecting nations without official trade deals. Analysts v ... Read More.
Georgia Tech Under Investigation for Alleged Chinese Military Affiliation
Georgia Tech under scrutiny for alleged ties to a Chinese military institution. Rep. John Moolenaar and GOP congressmen raise concerns in a letter to President Ángel Cabrera. ... Read More.
Federal Court Rejects Lawsuit Against Wisconsin's Absentee Ballot Witness Requirement
Federal court rejects Wisconsin absentee ballot witness signature lawsuit, citing violation of federal law. Judge Peterson’s ruling deems opponents’ interpretation of the statute incorrect. ... Read More.
Former Trump Lawyer's TikTok Remarks Criticized by Judge: A Legal Showdown Unfolds
Former President Trump’s ex-lawyer, Michael Cohen, faces criticism from Judge Merchan over his social media comments. Cohen’s TikTok appearance in a Trump-in-jail t-shirt sparks concern, affecting witn ... Read More.
Lindsey Graham Warns: Trump's Stand on Illegal Immigrants and DACA Recipients
Sen. Lindsey Graham states President Trump’s stance on illegal immigrants and DACA recipients at a recent hearing. The urgent need for legal protection for immigrant youth is highlighted, emphasizing t ... Read More.
Nasa’s Moon Train: Unveiling Big Plans for 2030 Railway Station and Bolder Missions
The globe is in a state of amazement when the NASA research facility makes incredible findings. The NASA center is organizing a train operation on the moon in accordance with that. NASA is announcing n ... Read More.
Rep. Mike Johnson Holds Speaker Role in House Amidst "Misguided" Tense Power Play
Rep. Mike Johnson, R-La., remains speaker of the House following Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s failed attempt to oust him. Johnson labels the move as “misguided” and calls on House Republicans to uphol ... Read More.
Election 2024 Decision: Biden Halts Weapon Supplies to Israel Amid Conflict
President Joe Biden warns of potential arms supply halt to Israel if a significant assault on Rafah is ordered by Prime Minister Netanyahu. Concerns raised over American weapons’ use in Gaza. ... Read More.
House of Representatives Rejects Motion to Remove Speaker Johnson: Greene Faces Backlash
House of Representatives votes on bill to remove Speaker of the House but motion put on hold, allowing Speaker Johnson to keep his job. Initial move by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene met with disapproval ... Read More.

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