Legal Experts Challenge Special Counsel's Jurisdiction to Prosecute Former President Trump
Law professors and former attorney general challenge jurisdiction of special counsel in filing criminal charges against ex-president Trump. ... Read More.
Biden and Netanyahu Reconnect 1st Time Since Oval Office Hang Up: A Phone Call of Military Updates
President Biden and Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu spoke for the first time since December 23. The call covered military developments in Gaza and Lebanon. Find out more about this important conversation ... Read More.
Republican-Led House of Representatives Passes Temporary Government Financing Extension With Bipartisan Vote
The House of Representatives approves a measure to temporarily extend government financing, despite Democratic votes outnumbering Republican ones. This marks the fourth occurrence of its kind this year ... Read More.
Trump Warns US Supreme Court: Exclusion from Colorado Primary Ballot Could Spark Chaos
Donald Trump has issued a warning to the US Supreme Court, urging them to overturn Colorado’s decision to exclude him from its presidential primary ballot. He cautions that if other states follow suit, ... Read More.
Rep. Chip Roy Slams Inaction on Southern Border Crisis, Blames Democrats for Fentanyl Overdose Deaths
Republican congressman Chip Roy criticizes lawmakers’ inaction on the southern border crisis and blames Democrats for fentanyl overdose fatalities. Emotional address delivered on House floor before vot ... Read More.
JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon's Surprising Agreement with Trump's Views: NATO, Immigration, and 2024 Campaign
JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon’s agreement with Trump’s views on NATO and immigration, along with his call for Democrats to respect Trump’s potential 2024 campaign. Supporters of MAGA prioritize polici ... Watch Now.
Judge Warns Trump: Stop Derogatory Remarks or Face Removal from Courtroom
In a recent development, the judge presiding over the second E. Jean Carroll defamation trial against former President Donald Trump issued a stern warning. The judge threatened to remove Trump from the ... Read More.
Chinese Millionaire Becomes Second-Largest Foreign Owner of US Farmland
Chinese millionaire and CCP member, Chen Tianqiao, has become the second-largest foreign owner of farmland in the United States. The co-founder of Shanda Interactive Entertainment purchased 200,000 acr ... Read More.
Hunter Biden Agrees to Private Deposition as Subpoena Battle Heats Up
In response to the fact that the President’s son defined earlier subpoenas in December, Hunter Biden has now consented to take a deposition in front of legislators in a private setting. A resolution th ... Read More.
Democrats Criticize President Biden's Unilateral Military Operation in Yemen
Following President Joe Biden’s failure to obtain congressional permission before to the U.S. military bombing operation in Yemen, some Democratic members of Congress criticized Biden on Thursday. Seve ... Read More.
House Freedom Caucus Slams Speaker Johnson's Spending Deal: "Total Failure" or Costly Compromise?
The House Freedom Caucus, a conservative group, strongly criticized House Speaker Mike Johnson’s proposed spending deal with Senate Democrats. They labeled it a “total failure,” asserting that the pote ... Read More.
Bill Clinton's "First-Ever Email" Recipient From Presidential Center Post Sparks Controversy with Overwhelming Response
On Monday, the Clinton Presidential Center removed a social media post that inquired about the recipient of former President Bill Clinton’s “first-ever email” after an overwhelming number of people rep ... Read More.
Congresswoman Boebert: Denying Allegations of Domestic Dispute While Police Investigate
Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO) firmly denied the reports suggesting that she struck her ex-husband in the kisser. However, it is important to note that the Colorado police are currently investiga ... Watch Now.
Wayne LaPierre, Long-Time Face of NRA, Announces Departure from Second Amendment Advocacy
On January 5, Wayne LaPierre, who has been the public face of the National Rifle Association (NRA) for a very long time, made the announcement that he would be leaving the organization that advocates f ... Read More.
Epstein Records: Bill Clinton Mentioned Many Times; Victim Claims Former President Even Had A Label
On Wednesday, records pertaining to the late serial sex offender Jeffrey Epstein included many references to former president Bill Clinton. One of Epstein’s victims said that Epstein had told her, “Cli ... Read More.

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