Zelensky Appeals to Republicans for Aid as Ukraine Struggles Amid Biden's Russia Stance
During his speech at the Reagan Institute, Zelensky emphasized the need for enhanced military aid and capabilities to safeguard Ukraine’s sovereignty. ... Read More.
Far Right Powerless in France: Political Deadlock Looms as Projections Hint at No Majority
France is at a crucial crossroads amid an “unprecedented political situation,” as highlighted by Attal in comments to The New York Times. ... Watch Now.
91-Year-Old Canadian Auto Parts Billionaire Charged With Multiple Sexual Assault Charges That Span 50 Years
Canadian police announce that auto parts billionaire Frank Stronach faces sexual assault charges involving three women. The 91-year-old Magna International founder faces eight new charges, including ra ... Watch Now.
Russia Accuses U.S. of Missile Attack in Crimea, Threatens Retaliation
Russia accuses the United States of providing missiles for a Ukrainian assault on Crimea, prompting threats of retaliation. ... Read More.
Julian Assange, WikiLeaks Founder, Set to be Released from Jail Under Plea Deal
Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, set to be released from jail as part of a plea deal with the US - news revealed on Monday. ... Read More.
Netanyahu's Stance Risks Israel's Ties with the U.S. amid Escalating Israel-Hamas Tensions
Israeli PM Netanyahu’s controversial stance on a “partial” cease-fire to release Hamas hostages amidst ongoing conflict. Netanyahu asserts determination to continue fighting to eliminate Hamas and secu ... Watch Now.
US Aircraft Carrier Arrives in South Korea for Three-Way Drill Amid Rising North Korean Threats
US nuclear aircraft carrier joins South Korea for joint drill with Japan to boost readiness amid North Korean threats after security pact with Russia. On Saturday, a US nuclear-powered aircraft carrie ... Read More.
Russian President's Visit to North Korea Raises Alarms in U.S.: Implications on Peace and Resistance
The U.S. government expresses alarm over Putin’s visit to North Korea. Pentagon highlights concerns on ties between North Korea and Russia, impacting peace in the Korean Peninsula and Ukrainian resista ... Read More.
Kim Jong Un Pledges Support to Russia in Conflict with Ukraine, Putin Defends Imperialist Policy
Kim Jong Un pledges “full support” for Russia in Ukraine conflict, as Putin defends Moscow’s policies during Pyongyang meeting. Leaders sign new agreement in first visit in 24 years. ... Read More.
White House Refutes Claims of US Withholding Military Support from Israel Amid Gaza Conflict
The White House denies accusations by Israeli PM Netanyahu of US withholding military support during the Gaza conflict. Netanyahu compares the situation to Winston Churchill’s leadership during WWII. ... Read More.
US-Ukraine 10-Year Security Deal: Historic Milestone in Defense Cooperation
Ukraine and the US sign a significant 10-year security agreement, focusing on military aid and economic support without requiring US forces to engage in combat alongside Ukraine. ... Read More.
American Journalist Faces Espionage Charges in Russia: A Case of Unfounded Accusations
American journalist Evan Gershkovich faces espionage charges in Yekaterinburg after being detained in Russia. ... Read More.
G7 Leaders Approve $50 Billion Loan for Ukraine from Blocked Russian Assets
G7 leaders agree on $50B Ukraine loan funded by blocked Russian assets. President Biden sees it as a strong stance against Moscow. Decision made in Italy to support Kyiv during conflict with Russia. ... Read More.
Pope Francis Faces Backlash for Second Alleged Use of Homophobic Slur
Pope Francis allegedly used a homophobic slur despite recent apologies, revealing his stance on gay priests. The incident occurred during a meeting with Roman priests at Saleasian Pontifical University ... Read More.
Russia-US Relations Worsen: Kremlin Tags the US as "Enemy" amid Escalating Ukraine Tensions
Bilateral relations sour between Russia and the US as Kremlin calls US an “enemy” amid escalating tensions over Ukraine. ... Watch Now.

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