Hostages Allegedly Killed in Gaza: Hamas Claims Airstrikes by Israeli Military
According to Hamas, a militant group operating in the Gaza Strip, they have made a claim that 13 hostages who were being held following a violent attack over the weekend have been killed. These alleged ... Read More.
Conflict Escalates: Israel Orders Evacuation of Northern Gaza, Residents Urged to Defy
The United Nations announced on Thursday that Israel has issued an order for the evacuation of northern Gaza, which is inhabited by approximately 1.1 million individuals. However, this command is consi ... Read More.
President Biden's Controversial Claim: Beheaded Children and the White House's Retraction
President Biden initially claimed to have seen pictures of beheaded children after Hamas’s attack on Israel. However, the White House later retracted the statement. This reversal came after Biden recou ... Read More.
Grim Milestone: Over 1,000 Lives Lost in Hamas Violence, Including Americans
It has been confirmed that at least 14 individuals who were U.S. citizens have lost their lives in these tragic events. According to the White House, there are reports of “20 or more Americans” who are ... Read More.
Silence Speaks: Backlash Surrounds Congresswoman Tlaib's Stance on Hamas Actions in Israel
Critics question Rashida Tlaib’s choice to remain silent on certain acts, branding it as cowardice. They argue that such actions contradict American values and suggest the removal of individuals from s ... Read More.
Renewed Focus on American Border Security: Hamas Incursion into Israel Raises Concerns
The recent incursion by Hamas into Israel through a highly fortified border has brought about a renewed focus on the security of American borders. Republicans have expressed concerns that potential att ... Read More.
Harvard Student Organizations Release Bold Statement on Recent Attack: Stands With Hamas
A joint statement was released by over 30 student organizations at Harvard University, expressing their perspective on the recent surprise attack by Hamas that resulted in the loss of numerous Israeli ... Watch Now.
Iranian Involvement in Recent Terrorist Attacks: Senior Members Implicate Hamas and Hezbollah
According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, senior members of Hamas and Hezbollah have revealed that Iranian security officials played a role in planning the recent terrorist attacks. These attac ... Read More.
Squad's Appeal: Israel Urged to Exercise Restraint Amidst Tragic Loss of Lives
The members of Congress known as the “Squad,” who are associated with left-leaning ideologies, called on Israel to exercise caution and restraint in their military response to a coordinated attack carr ... Read More.
Israel Declares War in Response to Escalating Toll: Over 1,000 Lives Lost in Intense Conflict
The Israeli Cabinet made an official declaration of war on Sunday in response to the escalating death toll resulting from two days of intense fighting. The conflict was sparked by a surprise attack lau ... Read More.
President Biden Condemns Attacks in Israel, Stands Ready to Support
On early Saturday, Israel experienced a state of turmoil as a result of a series of attacks initiated by the Palestinian militant group Hamas. These attacks caused significant casualties, with dozens o ... Read More.
Surprising and Unprecedented: Hamas Launches Bold Attack on Israel during Holiday; WH Condemns!
In a surprising turn of events, the ruling Hamas militant group in the Gaza Strip launched a highly unusual attack on Israel early Saturday morning. This attack involved the firing of numerous rockets ... Read More.
Foreign Minister Alleges Direct Confrontation: Is Ukraine the Battleground in a US-Russia War?
According to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, there is a direct confrontation between the United States, its allies, and Moscow. Lavrov believes Ukraine is being used as a tool in this conflict, ... Read More.
China-Arab States Expo Boosts Bilateral Engagement with $23.4 Billion in Deals; U.S. A No Show
The recently concluded trade fair aimed at strengthening the relationship between China and the Arab world concluded on Sunday. According to state media, companies participating in the fair signed agre ... Watch Now.
Poland's Prime Minister Takes Stand Against Ukraine President: Warns Against Insults towards Poles
The dispute escalated as Poland’s Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, expressed offense towards Ukraine President’s comments. Morawiecki issued a warning, emphasizing the need to avoid future insults t ... Read More.

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