Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Slams Bloomberg's Fake News on Putin's Ukraine Stance
Maria Zakharova, the spokeswoman for the Foreign Ministry, has dismissed a recent Bloomberg article as a complete fabrication. According to Zakharova, the claim that individuals close to President Vlad ... Read More.
Donald Trump Urges Israel to Resolve Conflict in Gaza Amid Diminishing Support
Donald Trump, the former US President, has expressed concern about Israel’s diminishing support and urged them to conclude their conflict in Gaza to prevent further damage to their reputation. The rema ... Read More.
Chinese Hacking Gang Accused of Cyberattack on New Zealand Parliament Sparks Denial from Beijing
Chinese govt-linked hackers reportedly target New Zealand parliament in a cyberattack, gathering data on lawmakers. Beijing denies with no evidence. ... Watch Now.
US Congress Allocates $300 Million for Ukraine, But Politico Reports It's Too Late, It Was Spent Months Ago!
US Congress’ $300 million budget for Ukraine authorized last week is said to be of no new assistance as it’s already expended. President Joe Biden signed a $1.2 trillion budget deal, ensuring US govern ... Read More.
Islamic State Resurgence: Marco Rubio Warns of Terror Threat Shift from Afghanistan
Senator Marco Rubio highlights the re-emergence of Islamic State militants in Afghanistan post messy US exit in 2021, following the recent terrorist incident at a Moscow music venue. ... Read More.
Russian Missile Over Polish Airspace: NATO F-16s Scramble as Tensions Rise
A Russian missile passed through Polish airspace en route to Ukraine, triggering NATO F-16 fighter planes to respond. The missile entered Ukraine after almost 39 seconds in Polish airspace. This marks ... Read More.
Footage Reveals Interrogation of Accused Terrorists in Moscow Shooting Spree
Video footage of questioning one of the accused terrorists behind the Crocus City music venue shooting shared by Margarita Simonyan, editor-in-chief of RT. Updates on the suspects’ location near the Uk ... Read More.
Russia Accuses Ukraine of Moscow Music Venue Attack; Kyiv Denies Allegations
Russia has accused Ukraine of being involved in an assault on a Moscow music venue that left over 100 people dead. On Saturday, Kyiv said that it refuted these accusations. As the attackers attempted t ... Watch Now.
REPORT: Islamic State's Afghan Branch: Prime Suspect in Moscow Concert Attack
Terrorism experts point to the Afghan branch of Islamic State (IS) as the prime suspect behind the deadly assault at a Moscow concert venue. ... Watch Now.
UN Security Council Proposal for Israel-Hamas Cease-Fire Vetoed by Russia and China
The United States proposed a cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas conflict to the UN Security Council, but it was vetoed by Russia and China. Find out more about the diplomatic tensions at the United Nations ... Watch Now.
Tensions Rise: US Forces' Permanent Stationing in Taiwan Strait Sparks Concern
Taiwan confirms permanent US forces on its islands, heightening tensions with China. Deployment enabled by NDAA approval in 2023. Tensions Rise: US Forces’ Permanent Stationing in Taiwan Strait Sparks ... Read More.
China-Russia Alliance: Should America Worry About This Marriage? The Answer Is Yes!
Growing China-Russia relations worry US military. Concerns of undermining Western unity and shifting global power. US Indo-Pacific commander sees current situation as most dangerous in 40 years. ... Read More.
Mexican Stands Firm: No Return for Immigrants Sent Back Under Texas' New Immigration Law
Migrants directed to leave faced uncertainty on their destination. The law mandates transfer to US-Mexico border entry points, but Mexico refused reentry for Texas migrants, except its nationals. Mexic ... Read More.
US Defense Secretary Urges Increased Support to Avert Ukraine's Existential Threat
US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin warns of Ukraine’s existential threat due to lack of Western military support. During a visit to Germany post-illness recovery, he highlighted the urgent situation at ... Watch Now.
Navigating Political Waters: Biden's Dance on the Israeli Dilemma
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu aims to eliminate Hamas, free hostages, and secure Israel from Gaza threats. This challenges President Biden’s stance, reflecting a shift in U.S.-Israel dynami ... Read More.

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