CIA Warns: Iran To Attack Israel In Retaliation Of Damascus Consulate Attack - Latest Updates
Reports say that the CIA told Israel that Iran will attack in 48 hours. This week, Israel attacked Tehran’s consulate in Damascus, the city of Syria, and killed two military leaders. ... Read More.
Let's Agree: Democrats' 'Operation Applesauce' Failed to Impress on Global Stage
The U.S. alliance structure remained intact during Mr. Trump’s first term, contrary to beliefs. The Trump administration strengthened ties with Indo-Pacific, Central and Eastern European, and Mideast c ... Read More.
Democrat House Member Accuses Israel of Deliberately Killing Aid Workers: Urges Attention to Social Media Posts
Democrat House Member Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) said on Tuesday that Israel killed seven aid workers on purpose in an attack. Tlaib told people not to “look away” from her social media posts, which had ... Read More.
Contrast in Border Spending: Bill Allocates $380M for Middle East, What about the American Border?
The $1.2 trillion spending bill that Congress passed and Joe Biden signed into law last month includes a plan to spend at least $380 million on protecting the borders of several Middle Eastern countrie ... Read More.
World Central Kitchen Loses Seven Employees in Israeli Bombing, Halts Operations in Gaza
In a statement released Tuesday morning, the non-profit food charity World Central Kitchen said that seven of its employees were killed in an Israeli bombing in Gaza overnight. As a result, the group h ... Watch Now.
Russian Defense Minister Claims Ukrainian Forces Have Lost Over 80,000 Soldiers in 2022
Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said on Tuesday that Ukrainian forces have lost more than 80,000 soldiers since the beginning of the year. He also said that the Russian military is still working ... Read More.
Michigan GOP Lawmaker Urges Nagasaki and Hiroshima Ending Over Humanitarian Aid For Gaza and Ukraine Conflicts
Michigan congressman Tim Walberg suggests prioritizing military support for Israel and Kiev over humanitarian aid for Gaza and Ukraine, advocating for a swift resolution akin to Nagasaki and Hiroshima. ... Watch Now.
Chinese Illegal Immigrant Apprehended at California Marine Corps Base for Unauthorized Entry and Resistance
California police detain Chinese illegal immigrant at Marine Corps facility for unauthorized entry and resistance to leave orders. Chief Patrol Agent Gregory Bovino comments on the incident. ... Read More.
Paris Mayor Urges Russian and Belarusian Athletes to Stay Away from Olympics
Even though Russian and Belarusian athletes may participate as neutrals, Paris’ mayor has maintained her recommendation that they stay away from the Olympics. ... Watch Now.
Biden Administration Targets Firms Linked to Forced Labor in China, Disrupting Global Supply Chains
An official said the Biden administration would expand a list of firms under import restriction for suspected forced labor in China, putting pressure on certain multinational supply networks. ... Read More.
Shen Yun Continues To Amaze American Audiences To Standing Ovations; CCP Continues To Attack Performances!
Discover the controversy around Shen Yun’s Chinese cultural showcase - praised for its inspiring power but facing criticism for religious-political undertones. ... Watch Now.
Tragedy Strikes: Japanese Health Pills Linked to Deaths and Hospitalizations
Five deaths and over 100 hospitalizations linked to Japanese health pills. Delayed public disclosure by Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co. raises concerns. ... Watch Now.
Blood Samples of Terror Suspects Show Presence of Fear-Reducing Drug in Russian Music Hall Attack
According to reports, blood samples from the four suspects in last week’s terrorist attack at a Russian music hall showed traces of a drug that makes people less afraid. ... Read More.
Ukraine's President Urges Aid Amid Russian Threats: Congressional Standoff Ensues
Thursday, Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, asked Congress again to give more aid to Kyiv. He did this while directly warning Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) of Russian gains. The obstructioni ... Read More.
UN Calls for Increased Humanitarian Aid Access in Gaza, Requests Progress Report by Month's End
Wednesday, the highest court of the United Nations told Israel to improve the humanitarian situation in Gaza by doing things like opening more land crossings so that more food, water, fuel, and other g ... Read More.

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