TikTok's CEO Confident in Court Battle Amid Biden's Law - "We Are Here To Stay!"
Tuesday, TikTok’s CEO said that the social media company plans to win a court battle to stop a law that President Joe Biden signed into law that he said would ban TikTok’s famous short video app, which ... Read More.
US Investors Pouring Funds into Blacklisted Chinese Companies Despite Risks
A new report says that tons of money from U.S. investors is going to Chinese companies that the U.S. government has put on a “blacklist” because they are linked to the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) e ... Read More.
China's TikTok Tactics: Stirring Up Anti-Israel Protests on College Campuses
China’s potential involvement in anti-Israel protests on college campuses through TikTok sparks concern. Gordon Chang, a critic of the Chinese Communist Party, warns about the platform’s algorithm bein ... Watch Now.
Turks and Caicos Trip Takes Unexpected Turn: Husband in Jail for Ammunition in Carry-On
Valerie Watson’s trip to Turks and Caicos takes an unexpected turn when her husband lands in jail for carrying hunting ammunition. ... Watch Now.
Potential Executive Order: Amnesty for Spouses of U.S. Citizens Denied Green Cards
An executive order that would provide amnesty to over a million illegal aliens who married U.S. citizens but were denied green card benefits is being considered by Joe Biden. ... Read More.
Pro-Palestine Protests Sweep College Campuses Nationwide, Leading to Arrests at New York University
Nationwide, pro-Palestine demonstrations have taken up on college campuses. According to municipal authorities, many persons were brought into jail at New York University yesterday night. They also sai ... Watch Now.
Controversy in Beijing Half-Marathon: Chinese Athlete's Victory Revoked!!
The victory—which was widely publicized online with clips—was looked into after it was widely suspected of being rigged; local media even went so far as to say that it was a blow to the standing of Chi ... Read More.
Prince Harry Officially Embraces American Residency: A Questionable Transition
It is official: Prince Harry is now an American. By giving up his British residency in new papers, Harry has made America his legal home. His first public words since his sister-in-law Kate Middleton t ... Read More.
Conservatives Fume with $61 Billion Ukraine Aid Package: House Speaker Under Fire
Meanwhile, conservatives are becoming more unhappy with House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) over the package, especially the billions of dollars that are going to Ukraine and the fact that there are not ... Read More.
Chinese Government-Linked Hackers Threaten U.S. Infrastructure: FBI Director's Warning
Hackers with ties to the Chinese government have gained access to vital U.S. infrastructure and are holding out “for just the right moment to deal a devastating blow,” FBI Director Christopher Wray sai ... Read More.
President Joe Biden's Controversial Advice: A Gaffe or a Glimpse into his Mental State?
In what seems to be the aged leader’s most recent error and one that has once again raised questions about his mental condition, US President Joe Biden told an interviewer that he had advised the Israe ... Read More.
Deadly Gas from Rotten Potatoes Claims Lives of Russian Law Professor and Family
A lethal gas produced by rotting potatoes killed the eight-year-old girl’s father, mother, brother, and grandmother in 2014, leaving her an orphan. ... Read More.
Ukraine President Calls Out US Lawmakers Amid Aid Package Disagreement
Vladimir Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, has said that US lawmakers are manipulating the situation by pretending that they do not care how many people are dying in his nation in order to justify th ... Read More.
Nearly 50% Of GOP Voters Support Military Aid to Ukraine: Survey Results in March
The Congressional Leadership Fund’s president, Dan Conston, told The Post on Tuesday that there is a misconception among Republican voters that Ukraine is unpopular and a burden. However, this could no ... Read More.
Israel Drops Plans for Retaliation on Iran After Talks with U.S. President
The New York Times reported on Sunday, citing sources in Jerusalem, that Israel gave up on the idea of carrying out a retaliation assault on Iranian territory after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu an ... Read More.

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