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Why Matt Gaetz's Passionate Opposition to Big Gov't is Crucial in Today's Political Landscape
Matt Gaetz passionately explained his opposition to big government during the hearing, showcasing why his voice is crucial in the House. His conviction highlights the need for a balanced, efficient gov ... Watch Now.
McCarthy On Debt Limit Negotiations: It Didn't Seem Like It Would Be This Hard
Why are the reporters only questioning against to republicans ideas? Why don’t they question Biden directly? ... Watch Now.
Rep Donalds Chastises Dept Of Energy: Where Are They At
Representative Donalds believes that the stove-banning proposition is not only ridiculous but, worse yet, the Department of Energy’s no-show regarding clarifications exacerbates the situation. ... Watch Now.
Bush: We're Not Trying to Ban Gas Stoves
Typically, I don’t share wacky thoughts like this, but I felt you might want to hear this gibberish. Remember, at the end of the day, they are trying to phase out gas stoves. ... Watch Now.
Bishop Sums Up This Common Sense Topic Perfectly
Representative Dan Bishop argues that it’s contradictory to claim the intent of saving the country, while simultaneously enacting laws that act as an internal/destructive force. ... Watch Now.
Chip Roy breaks down difference between Dems And Repubs
“Chip Roy has what it takes to be a great leader in the House of Representatives. His commitment to his constituents is unwavering, and he always makes their needs a top priority. If you’re not sure ab ... Watch Now.
DeSantis Candidacy Announcement Deemed Disaster By Many Twitter Viewers
Twitter’s anticipated live-streamed conversation between Elon Musk, Twitter CEO, and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, marking DeSantis’ kickoff of his presidential candidacy, turned into a technical nightmar ... Watch Now.
E1708: DeSantis, The Anti-Woke Candidate Joins The 2024 Presidential Race
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has become a controversial figure among some conservatives, as he balances his vocal commitment to freedom with actions that some see as a heavy-handed use of government p ... Watch Now.
Controversial Comments Lead to GOP Rep's Reprimand over MTG's Remarks in Durham Report
This is one of the most glaring examples of projection I’ve ever come across. Remarkably, the very actions that he accused the other side of undertaking, are what they themselves have done. ... Read More.
FBI Official leaves Pfluger stunned, speechless with unexpected response
Absolutely shocking! This lady holds an Assistant Director position? Her lack of professionalism is simply astonishing. In response to a question, she carelessly replied with “yeah” instead of a proper ... Watch Now.
Top FBI Official's Statement About Durham Report Leaves Dan Bishop Stunned!
Staggering contempt. Congress must have the power to defund the FBI to the point they will stop their political interference. Or perhaps disband the FBI so they can never do this again. ... Read More.
Chris Bish Is Running For California's 6th Congressional District
She’s campaigning to represent California’s 6th Congressional District. Winning this seat would be a momentous opportunity, as it is the very seat where the capital of California resides. With the curr ... Watch Now.
E1707: Speak Up! The Importance of Citizen Participation in Government
Ensuring citizens can express their voices is crucial. Political participation involves individuals contributing to the governing of their country to help ensure the government fulfills its role. By vo ... Watch Now.
"Cheered by Onlookers, Good Samaritan Tragically Killed Helping Ducks Cross Road"
A California man tragically lost his life on Thursday night while assisting a family of ducks across a busy road. According to witnesses, he was hit by a car at Stanford Ranch Rd and Park Drive in Rock ... Watch Now.
"Vandal strikes in Port Coquitlam: Over 400 vehicles scratched, $500K in damages reported"
An unidentified suspect caused over $500K in damages by deliberately scratching more than 400 vehicles one-by-one at two dealerships in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia. The Royal Canadian Mounted Poli ... Watch Now.

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