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DeSantis' MOMs Having Issue With His Abortion Stance
CNN correspondent Elle Reeve interviewed a group of women who formed an informal Twitter community to discuss their admiration for DeSantis. The conversation covered various topics, ranging from DeSant ... Read More.
'Do You Own Individual Stocks?': Hawley Grills Jennifer Granholm
The most disturbing thing in this entire exchange that Granholm said was there are 100,000 employees in the DOE!!!! A 100,000 people sucking off the taxpayers, taking away freedom, and not producing on ... Read More.
Deadly Mass Shooting: Baltimore Block Party Turns Tragic with Two Killed and 28 Injured
Authorities in Baltimore are continuing their search for the individuals behind a tragic mass shooting that took place during an unauthorized block party early Sunday morning. Based on the discovery of ... Read More.
Grisham Drops Questionable Bombshell On Mar-A-Largo Classified Docs
Stephanie Grisham, former Communications Director and Press Secretary under the Trump administration, revealed witnessing former President Donald Trump sharing classified documents at his Florida resid ... Watch Now.
Trump Slams Biden, Warns of Third World War: Recent Polls Show Strong Republican Support
Former U.S. President Donald Trump criticized President Joe Biden at a rally, labeling him as a “criminal and liar”. Trump also expressed concerns about Biden’s competency and potential impact on inter ... Read More.
MASS SHOOTING IN BALTIMORE - Reports indicate multiple people killed, dozens injuried
According to Baltimore police, a mass shooting took place in Brooklyn overnight, resulting in approximately 30 people being shot. Acting Commissioner Rich Worley stated that officers received multiple ... Watch Now.
Ted Cruz Grills Biden Judicial Nominee: "Why the False Answer, Senator Cornyn?"
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) addresses nominee Michael Arthur Delaney’s involvement in a sexual assault survivor’s lawsuit against a school. Join the discussion! #SenateHearing #Accountability ... Watch Now.
"Climate Cooperation Dilemma: Kennedy Urges Granholm to Contemplate China and India's Role"
🔥Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) raises an important question on combating climate change!💡 What if the US pours trillions into this cause, while China and India stay on the sidelines? Let’s dive into this cr ... Read More.
Josh Hawley and Jennifer Granholm Clash: 'With All Due Respect, That's Utter Nonsense'
Blaming Putin, Ultra MAGA, and everyone else, but are they the real culprits?
🔹 Let’s not forget those responsible and the ones entrusted to prevent this from happening… ✨ It’s time to hold accountable ... Read More.
Blackburn's Bold Rebuke: "Ma'am, It's Time to Let Go"
I was screaming NO! When she tried blaming Putin. These lying sacks. Thank you Blackburn, one of the few remaining good Republicans. ... Watch Now.
Hawley vs Granholm: Tense Clash Over Politics
🔹 Blaming Putin, Ultra MAGA, and everyone else, but are they the real culprits? 🔹 Let’s not forget those responsible and the ones entrusted to prevent this from happening… ✨ It’s time to hold accounta ... Watch Now.
"Cruz Grills Biden Judicial Nominee: White Supremacists in the US Senate?"
Just witnessed a gripping exchange between Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Nancy Abudu, nominee for United States Circuit Judge for the Eleventh Circuit, at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing today. 🗣️🇺🇸 ... Watch Now.
Hawley Expresses Astonishment as Religious Views Spark Controversy in DOD Nominee's Nomination
Just witnessed Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) strongly confront Brenda Fulton, nominee for Assistant Secretary of Defense for Manpower and Reserve Affairs, at the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing! 🔥👊 # ... Watch Now.
CVS Accused: James Comer alleges active suppression of patient costs information
📢 Just witnessed an insightful discussion on healthcare costs during the House Committee On Education And Commerce hearing! Rep. James Comer (R-KY) asked thought-provoking questions, shedding light on ... Watch Now.
Explosive GOP Lawmaker Demands: 'Defund Them And Get Rid Of 'Em'
📢 Rep. Mike Collins (R-GA) voiced concerns over the impacts of the Biden Administration’s agency regulations at a House Natural Resources Committee field hearing in Pasco, Washington. Stay informed abo ... Watch Now.

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