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Sen. Kennedy Is One Of the Best In Congress Today
What I love is that attorneys and judges who demand plaintiffs, defendants and witness answer questions presented by them in their court, and play silly little games in avoiding a direct question that ... Read More.
Beck: Fox News were no longer "defenders of our Constitution and our God
On Friday, Glenn Beck, founder of The Blaze, asserted that the executives leading Fox News were no longer “defenders of our Constitution and our God.” Surprisingly, he revealed that he now holds MSNBC ... Watch Now.
Biden's Nominee Neverr Had A Chance Against Cruz
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) passionately discussing parents’ rights at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. Hear what he had to say about protesting critical race theory at school board meetings. #ParentalRi ... Watch Now.
Mike Lee Just Turned Things Around On Biden Nominee Re: Voter ID
🔁 REWIND: Key moments from the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing! 🎙️ Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) raises questions about the perception of voter ID laws as racist among many on the left. 🤔 Stay informed an ... Read More.
Mace Stood Her Ground Standing Up For Voter ID!
🗳️ At the House Oversight Committee hearing on voting rights in Texas, Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) posed important questions to Texas State Rep. Senfronia Thompson. She highlighted the daily use of ID for c ... Watch Now.
Moscow Blames US, Ukraine For Bridge Attack
The US and the UK are ultimately responsible for the latest attack on the Crimean Bridge, the Russian Foreign Ministry has claimed. Moscow has accused Ukraine of being behind the incident on Monday mor ... Watch Now.
FBI Chris Wray's Opening Hearing Statement
🔒 FBI Director Chris Wray shares a compelling insight into the agency’s mission and their dedication to safeguarding our nation. What are your thoughts on the matter? #FBI #DoYouTrustTheFBI #NationalSe ... Watch Now.
Jim Jordan Delivers Powerful Opening Statement
🔥 Jim Jordan’s opening statement on FBI oversight is one for the ages! 📢 It’s crucial for all Americans to hear and understand the gravity of our current situation. Let’s stay informed and engaged. 💪🇺🇸 ... Watch Now.
Mark Levin Slams DOJ for Trump Prosecution and Alleged Information Leaks
📣 Fox News firebrand Mark Levin is not holding back! He recently unleashed a scathing critique on the Department of Justice, accusing them of prosecuting former President Donald Trump over his handling ... Watch Now.
GOP Rep Wants Answers About Missing Docs
🔍 ‘Deficient At This Point’: Laurel Lee of The Daily Times questions DOJ official on the lack of documents from Chris Wray. What are your thoughts on this issue? Let us know in the comments below! 👇 ... Watch Now.
Hawley Brought Receipts To This Exchange
Senator Hawley calls out Archivist Nominee: “You are lying under oath”. Find out more about this heated exchange! #Politics #SenateHearing #NomineeClash ... Watch Now.
Trump Didn't Hold Back During His Trip To Iowa
“Trump accuses Biden of being ‘paid off’ by foreign countries and delivers a passionate speech railing against the media at his Iowa rally. What are your thoughts on this? Share your opinions below!” ... Watch Now.
DeSantis' Struggle: Battling for Traction Against Trump
According to Jonathan Kott, former communications director for Manchin, Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has struggled to connect with Republican voters, citing his perceived oddness as a hindrance on ... Read More.
Tom Brady Lost 30M In FTX Stock Case
The longtime NFL quarterback served as an ambassador for FTX and frequently appeared in commercials for the company. As part of his deal with the now-defunct company, The New York Times reported on Fri ... Read More.
DeSantis' National Campaign: A Missed Opportunity for Winning the Nomination
According to Fox contributor Katie Pavlich, the governor has yet to launch a nationwide campaign that would give him a fighting chance at securing the nomination. Even though his previous policies as t ... Read More.

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