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Border Crossers to Denver from Texas
Gov. Greg Abbott sent migrants from Texas to Denver on a bus, Kristen Chapman reports ... Watch Now.
NAACP tells Black Americans "Don't come to Florida"
Local NAACP chapters have requested permission from the national board of directors to issue a travel advisory to the state of Florida. ... Watch Now.
"Unsolved Mysteries" Episode Leads to Recovery of Teen Missing for Six Years
The Netflix series, Unsolved Mysteries, recently premiered an episode about family abductions, covering the story of Kayla Unbehaun who was abducted from South Elgin, Illinois at the age of 9. Nearly s ... Watch Now.
"Stuck in Deadlock: Negotiations Over Debt Ceiling Hit a Roadblock"
The lead negotiator for McCarthy, Graves, accused the White House of being “unreasonable” after talks broke down on Friday. Graves stated the decision was made to pause discussions because they “just a ... Watch Now.
New Revelations on Kouri Richins' alleged motives for murder; Hearing postponed
New Revelations on Kouri Richins’ alleged motives for murder; Hearing postponed ... Watch Now.
New Revelations on Kouri Richins' alleged motives for murder
Kouri Richins bought the home for $2 million amidst her late husband’s hesitancy. Two weeks after his death, Richins placed the unfinished Midway home back on the market. ... Watch Now.
Do Dems Need To Be Reeducated On What A Whistleblower Is?
If you carefully watch this video, you’ll see this Dem rep “read her statement” as if someone else wrote it for the cameras ... Read More.
Kennedy grills Financial Regulators in the Wake of Recent Bank Failures
Kennedy is correct. They break it and then continue to ask for more money and power. This has to stop ... Watch Now.
Full Statement By FBI SWAT Team Member Stephen Friend
“Working as an FBI special agent was my dream job,” Friend testified. He continued, “Nonetheless, the FBI cynically elected to close ranks and attack the messenger,” said suspended FBI SWAT Team member ... Watch Now.
Full Statement By Staff Operations Specialist Marcus Allen
‘[The FBI is] accusing me of actually being disloyal to my country. This has been a trying circumstance for me and my family. It has been more than a year since the FBI took my paycheck from me,” Allen ... Watch Now.
Full Statement By FBI Special Agent Garret O'Boyle
I am sad, I am disappointed, and I am angry that I have to be here to testify about the weaponization of the FBI and DOJ,” Garret O’Boyle testified. During his opening statements, O’Boyle claimed that ... Watch Now.
Montana first state to ban TikTok
Did you hear that Montana totally banned TikTok? Apparently, they’re worried about security risks, so the law doesn’t just make the app illegal but also prevents it from being downloaded from app store ... Watch Now.
DeSantis' Woke War With Disney Just Cost Florida $1B And 2,000 Jobs
Disney abandons plans for $1B Florida office reportedly due to Governor Ron DeSantis. Theme Parks Director Josh D’Amaro confirmed in a memo that the Lake Nona Town Centre project was off. This follows ... Watch Now.
New bill impacts mail-in voting in Indiana
A bill has been passed by Indiana lawmakers that would necessitate voters to provide additional identification information to acquire mail-in ballots.- ... Watch Now.
Huge fireball and mushroom cloud erupts over Ukraine as Russia attacks
A city in Ukraine was recently struck by a massive fireball and mushroom cloud as a result of Russia’s attack on ammunition silos. This event came after two of Russia’s top commanders died during inten ... Watch Now.

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