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NC House passes bill blocking transgender athletes from women’s sports
NC House passes bill blocking transgender athletes from women’s sports ... Watch Now.
Police Arrest NC Man Who Allegedly Emptied His Gun On 6-year-old, Parents And Neighbor
A local gunshot was reported to 911 around 7:44 p.m. on Tuesday, according to the Gaston County Police Department. Investigators ultimately concluded that Singletary shot two adult males, one young fem ... Watch Now.
Rand Paul: 2:09 / 5:30 'NIH Spent More Than $1.1 Billion To Get Mice Drunk'
How does the government get away with this? It’s weird and I don’t think many people know why we have to pay so much taxes! It’s so corrupted! ... Watch Now.
Kevin McCarthy And Republicans discuss anti-trans school sports bill
Excellent speech by Mr. McCarthy. He always answers all the questions clearly and sincerely, and handles the reporters in such a compeI think he’s terrific. ... Watch Now.
Mother Confronts School Board After Elementary School Secretly Transitioned Her Child
Horrifying for parents. Imagine all the kids this will effect without smart capable parents? All the parents who don’t know any better or don’t have the resources to fight for their kids. This is tyran ... Watch Now.
McCarthy Pushes Back: 'I Will Take The Questions, And I'll Decide... When I Answer'
McCarthy didn’t like the way he was being treated by the media and pushed back ‘I Will Take The Questions, And I’ll Decide… When I Answer’ ... Watch Now.
Hawley Calls Out Biden Administration on Destroying US Energy Independence
Well Done Mr Hawley!!! Time and time again, Dr. Light tried to justify his approach to energy dependence, presenting data that beat pre-covid and not fully understanding that we are still energy depend ... Watch Now.
Gaetz Calls Out The Weaponization Of The ATF
40 million law-abiding gun owners are now facing potential criminal penalties just for using stabilizing braces. The Biden administration and Democrats are intent to weaponize the ATF and take away our ... Watch Now.
Biden expected to announce re-election bid next week
With all these Whistleblowers coming out, with information on the Biden family; the Democrat party will pass on Joe Biden. ... Watch Now.
IRS Supervisor Seeking Whistleblower Protection After Outing DOJ Obstruction In Hunter Biden Case
A supervisor at the IRS said he has information that suggests the Biden administration could be mishandling the investigation into Hunter Biden. ... Watch Now.
Kudlow Says ‘DeSantis Is Close to Making a Fool of Himself With His Walt Disney Obsession’
DeSantis, who is thought to be contemplating a challenge to Donald Trump for the Republican nominee in 2024, won’t be campaigning against the business, according to Kudlow. He said, “Desantis need to s ... Watch Now.
McCaul To Mayorkas: In My 20 Years In Congress, Border Crisis Is the Worse
Rep. Michael McCaul Questions DHS Secretary Mayorkas at Homeland Security Committee Hearing ... Watch Now.
Orb-shaped UFO seen over Iraq in stunning video released by Pentagon
The US Pentagon has released video of an orb-shaped UFO flying over Iraq. All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office director Dr. Sean M. Kirkpatrick explains at a hearing of the Senate subcommittee on Emerg ... Watch Now.
Rep. Bishop to Sec. Mayorkas: 'Do You Understand What Law Means?'
At today’s House Homeland Committee hearing, Rep. Dan Bishop (R-NC) questioned DHS Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas. ... Watch Now.
Mayorkas Looked Lost When Rep. Guest Brought The Receipts
Congressman Michael Guest questioned Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas in a House Committee on Homeland Security hearing while pointing to statistics to show where the Biden ... Watch Now.

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