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Victim Mother To Dem: Don't Insult My Intelligence; That's Why I Left Dem Plantation
I love when politicians try to use their “house rules” with regular citizens, because it doesn’t work. 😅 ... Watch Now.
NY Mother Of Homicide Victim Tells Alvin Bragg: We Were Treated Like Garbage
What a powerful statement. The brave lady is absolutely right and I feel sorry for her loss. ... Watch Now.
Witness To Rep. Nadler: I Called Your Office Numerous Times!!
Brave father who has to face the one’s that didn’t care then and maybe not even now. The democrats accused the republicans saying this is a political stunt. That’s a slap in the face to the victims. ... Watch Now.
Hecklers Interrupt House Judiciary Hearing in NYC By Screaming at Adam Schiff
In his opening comments, Schiff denounced the animosity directed against Bragg and said that the majority of Republicans before the committee were acting as “criminal defence counsel” for Trump. Before ... Watch Now.
Illegal Chinese police station: FBI arrests 2 in 'national security matter'
Two people have been arrested by the FBI on allegations they helped operate an illegal police station for the government of China in lower Manhattan. The FBI said in a press conference the stations pos ... Watch Now.
2 teens shot downtown Chicago as large crowds gather; some seen dancing on cars
Two teens were shot in the Chicago Loop near Millennium Park on Saturday night. There was a large police presence downtown. ... Watch Now.
Kirby Said Biden WH Didn't Leave A Lot In Afghanistan...then his happened
I thought it was really strange that Kirby thought he could slip in the other major stuff that was left over there claiming that it couldn’t be used. Did you catch that? ... Watch Now.
Don Jr Urges Listeners To Abandon Bud Light Protests
The younger Trump urged his listeners to leave Anheuser-Busch “alone” in his Thursday “Triggered with Donald Trump Jr.” podcast after conservatives started to protest the firm over its support of trans ... Watch Now.
Navy Admiral's Analysis On China Threat And Americans Sleeping On It Is Best Ever
This is likely the most intelligent oration regarding the threat China posses, that I’ve heard thus far. While most comments reflect how China would fail in a war against the US. It’s my position that ... Watch Now.
Minneapolis becomes first major U.S. city to broadcast Islamic call to prayer 5 times per day
Going forward, mosques will be able to broadcast the call as early as 3:30 a.m., and as late as 11 p.m. Up to now, the broadcast was limited to only three or four times per day. ... Watch Now.
DeSantis Said He Doesn't Bring Drama, Leaks
Protesters storming the stage shouting “Jews against DeSantis” as the Florida governor spoke at a GOP fundraising event were immediately grabbed by security and taken away from the governor. ... Watch Now.
Biden's Deputy Defense Sec Took A Huge Loss With Jon Stewart
She just talks loud and with hubris…It’s a big red flag that she was laughing as if his questions where funny or not valid. She’s not really listening or answering the question. I know Stewart was frus ... Watch Now.
District Attorney will determine if shooting of pregnant shoplifter was self-defense
She’s accused of shoplifting from a local pharmacy. Now, a 24-year old mom AND her newborn baby – fighting to survive. ... Watch Now.
Residents Voice Opposition To Chinese-Owned Company Constructing Battery Plant
Local community members gather at a Green Charter Township board meeting to express their anger over plans for a Chinese-owned company to construct a battery plant in the area. ... Watch Now.

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