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Blackburn's Bold Rebuke: "Ma'am, It's Time to Let Go"
I was screaming NO! When she tried blaming Putin. These lying sacks. Thank you Blackburn, one of the few remaining good Republicans. ... Watch Now.
Hawley vs Granholm: Tense Clash Over Politics
🔹 Blaming Putin, Ultra MAGA, and everyone else, but are they the real culprits? 🔹 Let’s not forget those responsible and the ones entrusted to prevent this from happening… ✨ It’s time to hold accounta ... Watch Now.
"Cruz Grills Biden Judicial Nominee: White Supremacists in the US Senate?"
Just witnessed a gripping exchange between Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Nancy Abudu, nominee for United States Circuit Judge for the Eleventh Circuit, at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing today. 🗣️🇺🇸 ... Watch Now.
Hawley Expresses Astonishment as Religious Views Spark Controversy in DOD Nominee's Nomination
Just witnessed Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) strongly confront Brenda Fulton, nominee for Assistant Secretary of Defense for Manpower and Reserve Affairs, at the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing! 🔥👊 # ... Watch Now.
CVS Accused: James Comer alleges active suppression of patient costs information
📢 Just witnessed an insightful discussion on healthcare costs during the House Committee On Education And Commerce hearing! Rep. James Comer (R-KY) asked thought-provoking questions, shedding light on ... Watch Now.
Explosive GOP Lawmaker Demands: 'Defund Them And Get Rid Of 'Em'
📢 Rep. Mike Collins (R-GA) voiced concerns over the impacts of the Biden Administration’s agency regulations at a House Natural Resources Committee field hearing in Pasco, Washington. Stay informed abo ... Watch Now.
GOP Lawmaker Unleashes Fury on US Justice System for 'Political Witch Hunts'
🔥 Just watched this GOP lawmaker passionately tear into the US justice system, calling out ‘political witch hunts’. Check out the video! #JusticeSystem #PoliticalWitchHunts #GOP #PassionateVoices 🎥 ... Watch Now.
"Fiery Exchange: Strickland and Gaetz Clash on Critical Race Theory and DEI in the Military"
Last week’s House Armed Services Committee hearing brought forth a lively discussion on an important topic: DEI in the military. Representative Marilyn Strickland (D-WA) and Representative Matt Gaetz ( ... Read More.
"Kennedy's Bold Challenge: Give Me a Straight Answer or Lose My Vote!"
Exciting times during the Senate Judiciary Committee nomination hearing! Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) grilled Nina Morrison, nominee for the United States District Judge for the Eastern District Of New ... Watch Now.
Christie Says He Can't Support Trump If The Former President is GOP Nominee
During an interview on Fox News Tonight, Chris Christie, a Republican presidential candidate, made it clear that he won’t endorse Donald Trump if he becomes the GOP nominee in 2024. When asked by host ... Watch Now.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Unity: Regardless of Differences, Proud of Trump's Approval
Concerns have been raised by many Democrats about the potential impact on President Biden’s chances in the primary and the possibility of former President Trump securing another election victory, remar ... Watch Now.
Donalds Grills Dem on Energy Policies: "You Need to Go Back and Check Your Facts!"
Byron Donalds may very well be the future leader of the GOP. This guy just kills it every time he speaks. He just gets straight to the heart of the matter in a clear, concise, no BS way that not a lot ... Watch Now.
"Yellen Grilled: Did You Reduce the Deficit?" - Kennedy Holds Nothing Back
The more i listen to her the more i know we are all going to die broke and humiliated. ... Watch Now.
Darrell Issa Puts John Durham on the Spot: Unindicted Coconspirators Revealed in His Report?
I have to say Mr. Issa summed it up well. Some unscrupulous things are not against the law, and can ultimately never be. We have a constitution its as perfect as America is going to get. Are we better ... Watch Now.
Scott Perry's Explosive Outburst: Unraveling the Established Facts!
Even my cat is shaking his head over that guy’s testimony. Biden stopping the pipeline and drilling caused the emergency and his resultant out-of-control gas prices led to the tapping of the strategic ... Watch Now.

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