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House Republicans Express Concerns Over Biden Admin's Potential Impact on 2024 Election
House Republicans voice concerns about Biden administration’s transparency in implementing President Biden’s voter turnout executive order, questioning Attorney General Garland’s approach and its impac ... Read More.
Unleashing Lawfare: The Political Battle against Trump and its Impact on America
Lawfare, or the use of the legal system as a weapon against a political rival, is the newest term in American politics. It now seems to us as a political greed spectacle. How much more litigation, cour ... Read More.
The Lawfare Game Against Donald Trump Is Backfiring In A Huge Way And Dems Are Complete Clueless
Are Democrats losing control over their lawfare campaign against Trump? It was the ideal plan: former President Donald Trump would face so many lawsuits and indictments from Democratic prosecutors that ... Read More.
Bidenomics Bust: The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 Falls Short of Promises
According to the Biden administration, the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 tackles harmful climate change, decreases healthcare prices, and shrinks the federal deficit. To be clear, “Bidenomics,” the e ... Read More.
Why Is Out Department Of Energy Having Secret Meetings With CCP Officials?
John Barrasso (R-WY), the ranking member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, is criticizing officials from the Energy Department for holding secret meetings on climate change and emis ... Read More.
These 3 Top Miscalculations Of Biden And The Democrats Have Sealed Their Election Fate
First, they overestimated their capacity to defeat Mr. Trump and underestimated him. With the exception of a small group of sympathetic Democrats, most have never really appreciated the attraction of t ... Read More.
Biden Trails Trump in Latest Polls And It's Looking Worse For Him Every Day: What's Next?
Four recent polls have been released, all showing Mr. Biden trailing behind Donald Trump. He is currently trailing by two points in a direct comparison in both the Wall Street Journal and Fox News poll ... Read More.
Social Media Platforms Married To Government: How Bad Can It Get? Supreme Court To Decide
Soon, the Supreme Court will hear a case that embodies our time’s fractured political culture and might end up being the most significant of the term. According to the district court that first heard t ... Read More.
Government Negligence: A Preventable Tragedy of Failed Immigration Enforcement
Discover the impact of immigration policies on public safety in the United States and the tragic consequences of enforcement failures. ... Watch Now.
Does Comer Have The Legit Goods To Finally Nail Joe Biden Or Is This A Awkward Pipe Dream?
Rep. James Comer (R-KY) seems to be realizing that he has nothing after more than a year of looking into possible misconduct by President Joe Biden. ... Watch Now.
Deceptive Delight: Tucker Carlson's Moscow Grocery Stunt and the Truth Behind the Lens
Tucker Carlson’s video of grocery shopping in Moscow gets noticed for suggesting Russia is more affordable than the US under President Biden. Critics say Carlson’s film shows ignorance, not insight. ... Read More.
Remembering Rush Limbaugh's Message: Never Give Up on the United States
Reflect on the impact of Rush Limbaugh’s passing three years ago, a loss felt deeply by millions. Explore the void left in the conservative movement by this influential figure’s absence. ... Watch Now.
Tony Bobulinski Hints At Justice Department Playing Cupid For Hunter Biden
Discover shocking revelations from Tony Bobulinski’s congressional testimony, revealing Joe Biden’s involvement in Hunter Biden’s influence-peddling operation for financial gain abroad. House Republica ... Read More.
Media Bias Exposed: Decoding the Twisted Tale of Donald Trump's Epic Comeback
In this content, the user highlights the alleged distortion of Donald Trump’s statements by the left-leaning mainstream media, accusing them of creating a false outcry. The user also suggests that the ... Read More.
The Political Establishment Is Afraid Of Trump Returning To the WH Because He Will Seek To Settle Scores
Explore the potential implications of a second Trump presidency, including concerns of retribution, personal priorities, and opposing narratives. Delve into the deeper significance of these viewpoints. ... Read More.

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