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Durham’s End Report Could Still Be Damning; Bring It On And Don’t Spare The Details!
On Tuesday, John Durham lost once again in court when a jury found Igor Danchenko not guilty of lying to the FBI. The bigger fight, however, to reveal the shady political plots that drove the FBI’s Rus ... Read More.
Midterm Dem Candidates Not Happy About Obama Absence
Late last week, when Barack Obama’s campaign staff revealed the former president’s itinerary for the midterm elections, some Democrats were already upset. Democrats have been enquiring about Obama’s wh ... Read More.
Who To Blame? Biden Publicly Vowed To Make Saudi Crown Prince A Pariah
Joe Biden is enraged that Mohammed bin Salman, the Saudi crown prince and, as of last month, prime minister, rejected his request not to limit oil output, or at least to wait a month before doing so. I ... Read More.
You Do Understand That Dr. Fauci Is Trying To Talk Himself Out Of An Investigation
After first insisting that masks were unnecessary, the government’s highest-paid worker, Dr. Anthony Fauci (who earns more than the president and every four-star general), mandated that everyone wear t ... Read More.
Ex-Dem Tulsi Gabbard Comparing Biden To Hitler Just Changed The Game!
Tulsi Gabbard, a former representative from Hawaii, attacked President Joe Biden for being no better than some of history’s greatest autocrats shortly after announcing her departure from the Democratic ... Read More.
NOT SO FAST: Dem Thought They Would Ride SCOTUS Abortion Decision To Midterm Success
You should approach any political story with a great deal of suspicion whenever it neatly fits into the worldview of our media elite. The notion that the overturning of Roe v. Wade would prompt indepen ... Read More.
How Can Many Of You Look For A New Party Leader When You Have One Already?
Many conservatives think that Donald Trump has to stand down and let someone else run for president in 2024. Trump is allegedly too elderly, gave in to COVID pressure, and failed to enact any important ... Read More.
Not Once Has DC Thought About Cutting Spending To Fix America’s Woes; That’s a Problem
On its current front page, the New York Times’ top headline reads, “Democrats Spent $2 Trillion to Save the Economy.” They are unwilling to discuss it. Really? We’re going to put it in this frame, righ ... Read More.
Just Remember, To The World, This Is Our Best And Brightest And They Are Laughing
The fake political media in Washington has been avoiding the topic for years, but it took a fake news anchor on “Saturday Night Live” to raise it. President Biden is he drunk? Or simply senile? Or has ... Read More.
The Political Elite Has No Love For The Rest Of Us; It’s An Ugly Contempt
Last week, despite the great effort elites typically make to conceal their contempt for the rest of us, a frightening moment of truth emerged. The president of the Peterson Institute for International ... Read More.
Jury Orders Alex Jones To Pay $965 Million Who Remains Defiant About Anyone Collecting On It
A jury in Connecticut concluded on Wednesday that conspiracy theorist Alex Jones must pay $965 million to those who were harmed by his false assertion that the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School w ... Read More.
Paypal Says Their Misinformation Policy Was An Error But The Die Is Cast
The most important of all the rights we cherish is without a doubt our right to free expression. As long as this right remains, it serves as the cornerstone for each and every one of our rights, as wel ... Read More.
Black Voters Aren’t Rushing To Leave Dems But They Are Leaving
There are indications that African Americans are gradually leaving the Democratic Party. Even if this transition is far less abrupt than the massive exodus of Hispanic Americans from the party, it is s ... Read More.
Most Of Us Knew Tulsi Gabbard Was Going To Leave The Dem Party Years Ago; They Didn’t Match
Tulsi Gabbard has quit the Democratic Party and attacked her former colleagues with a left-right mashup of anti-white racial accusations and warmongering on the way out. The anti-woke and anti-war form ... Read More.
Report: Gov’t Agencies Allegedly Colluded With Big Tech To Stifle Online Speech; State AGs File Lawsuit
According to a lawsuit brought forth by state attorneys general, more than 50 government representatives from 13 agencies “threatened, cajoled and colluded” with social media companies to stifle online ... Read More.

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