Five GOP-Backed Initiatives to Limit Aid to Ukraine Defeated, Bipartisan Support Keeps Funding Flowing
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) offered an amendment to remove $300 million from Ukraine funding, but it was defeated 89-341 with the support of all Democrats and 130 Republicans. On the House floo ... Read More.
PAY OFF! MTG Receives Conference Committee Seat From McCarthy For Her Support
Greene still intended to oppose the NDAA despite its provisions, and with a slim majority, McCarthy couldn’t afford to lose more than four Republicans. He consequently assured Greene of a place on the ... Read More.
IN TROUBLE: Mike Pence's Campaign and Super PAC Fall Short; Raises Only $3.85 Million in Q2
With only three weeks left until the end of the fundraising quarter, Pence entered the GOP primary for 2024 in early June. During that time, his Committed to America super PAC raised about $2.6 million ... Read More.
US House Approves Defense Bill With Controversial Add-Ons, Includes Pay Raise for Service Members
The US House of Representatives on Friday approved a massive annual defense bill that departs from traditional military policy by including political add-ons from Republicans to block abortion coverage ... Read More.
Mount Washington Man Charged: Selling Human Remains Illegally and Possessing Firearm
The FBI has accused a 39-year-old Mount Washington man named James Nott of selling human remains and illegally possessing a firearm, and they have filed a federal criminal complaint against him and exe ... Watch Now.
Another Shocking Drug Discovery in the White House: Cocaine Found in the West Wing
This was confirmed to Fox News Digital after initially being shared with Congress during a classified briefing on the cocaine investigation. On two separate occasions, in July and September of last yea ... Read More.
Ron DeSantis Faces Test: Can He Overcome Style Deficiencies and Connection Issues in Upcoming Debate?
“The debate is more important for Ron DeSantis than any of the other candidates,” said Republican strategist Alex Conant, who worked as communications director for Sen. Marco Rubio’s 2016 presidential ... Read More.
Biden Signs Executive Order: Activating Reservists for Military Support to Ukraine
In a letter to Congress, Biden stated: “By the powers vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including sections 121 and 12304 of title 10, United St ... Read More.
Struggling to Catch Up: Florida Governor's Media Strategy Reset as Donors Express Concerns
The Florida governor’s team is already looking for a potential media strategy reset as some top donors privately worry about the trajectory of the campaign, multiple sources tell ABC News. Only seven w ... Read More.
WATCH: Unveiling the Scandals: Oversight of the Federal Trade Commission
Delve into the deep-seated concerns surrounding the FTC’s ethics, enforcement actions, and impact in this House Judiciary Committee hearing. Explore allegations of mismanagement and failures during Cha ... Watch Now.
FBI Director Boasts About Agency's Recruitment as GOP Rep. Gaetz Questions Public Opinion
During a contentious back-and-forth at a House Judiciary Committee hearing, FBI Director Christopher Wray told Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz, “Respectfully, congressman, the number of people applying to c ... Read More.
Twitter Faces $500M Severance Lawsuit for Allegedly Failing to Pay Workers After Elon Musk's Acquisition
According to a lawsuit filed on Wednesday, Twitter allegedly refused to pay at least $500m in promised severance to thousands of workers who were fired after Elon Musk acquired the business. Prior to h ... Read More.
UK Defense Secretary Reportedly Told Ukraine President He Wanted To "See A Bit Of Gratitude"
According to reports, UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace told Ukraine that NATO members wanted to “see a bit of gratitude” and that his country was not “Amazon” for weapons. Wallace reportedly stated tha ... Read More.
Chinese Hackers Breach Government Email Accounts: Unveiling Espionage Intentions
A Chinese actor, Storm-0558, which Microsoft is tracking, gained access to email accounts affecting about 25 organizations. According to the company, these include government organizations and related ... Watch Now.
House Speaker McCarthy to Host Fundraiser for Controversial Rep. Greene: A Growing Alliance
According to Punchbowl News, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Ca.) intends to host a fundraiser on Wednesday in support of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), who is under fire. The news source claimed ... Read More.

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