Tragic Incident at Joel Osteen's Megachurch: Woman Opens Fire, Boy Injured
A woman in a trenchcoat opens fire in Joel Osteen’s Texas megachurch before being confronted and shot by off-duty officers. ... Read More.
Oklahoma District Judge Resigns After Sending Over 500 Texts to Bailiff During Murder Trial
Oklahoma judge resigns after sending hundreds of texts mocking the prosecution during a murder trial involving a 2-year-old’s death. ... Watch Now.
Bo Jackson Wins $21M Settlement in Extortion and Stalking Case Involving Niece and Nephew
Learn about the ongoing harassment experienced by Jackson, 61, including defamatory accusations, threatening social media posts, and the public release of personal information. Discover the distressing ... Read More.
Tragic Shooting in Langley Park: 3-Year-Old Fatally Shot, Mother Injured
As soon as they could get there, paramedics took the youngster to Children’s National Hospital, where doctors later declared him dead. Despite her injuries, the mother’s health remained stable after be ... Watch Now.
Tragic Incident: Baby Decapitated During Delivery Ruled as Homicide in Clayton County, Georgia
A tragic incident in a Georgia hospital has been declared murder by the medical examiner’s office. A young mother is suing her doctor, alleging negligence during delivery. Learn more about this heartbr ... Watch Now.
Kenyan Cult Leader Charged with Mass Murder: 429 Lives Lost, Including 191 Children
Paul Mackenzie, the head of a Kenyan cult, is accused of killing 429 people, including 191 children, the corpses of whom were discovered buried in a jungle. He was already facing charges of torture, ch ... Watch Now.
Disney Cruise Line Employee Arrested for Possession of Child Sexual Assault Video
Disney Cruise Line employee arrested after video of child sexual assault found on his gadgets. Alvin Gonzales, 49, of Cavite, Philippines, taken into custody by Broward Sheriff’s Office. ... Read More.
GA District Atty That Brought Charges Against Trump Admits To Relationship With Special Prosecutor
Read about the personal connection revealed by the Georgia district attorney in the lawsuit against former President Donald Trump. Find out how Democratic Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis ap ... Watch Now.
Fatal Mistake: Innocent Man Shot 12 Times in Botched Police Operation
Three police officers in Farmington mistakenly entered a man’s house and fatally shot him. Despite the incident, the New Mexico Department of Justice has decided not to pursue charges against the offic ... Watch Now.
Teen Swatter Extradited to Florida: California Juvenile Faces Felony Charges for Mosque Swatting Scam
Read about the arrest of a 17-year-old in California accused of bomb threats and swatting offenses. The suspect was extradited to Florida and now faces felony charges related to a mosque swatting incid ... Read More.
Mississippi Man Charged with Hate Crimes for Destroying Satanic Temple Statue
Mississippi man charged with hate crimes for destroying pagan deity statue in Iowa. Republican governors criticize the action. Michael Cassidy faces fourth-degree criminal mischief charge. Details on t ... Watch Now.
Foiled Plot: Hells Angels, Iranian Defector, and a Global Assassination Network
Hells Angels gang members, an Iranian defector, and his partner were allegedly involved in a foiled plot targeting Iranian dissidents globally. Learn more about the accusations and the alleged “assassi ... Read More.
Nikki Haley Targeted in Disturbing "Swatting" Incident: Caller Claims Suicide Threat
Nikki Haley targeted in a second “swatting” incident shortly after a previous one, involving concerning claims of self-harm. Get the details on this disturbing incident. ... Read More.
New Hampshire Soldier Admits to Decades-Long Wheelchair Benefit Scam
A soldier from New Hampshire has acknowledged lying about needing a wheelchair for 20 years in order to collect almost $660,000 in benefits that he was not eligible for. On Thursday, Christopher Stultz ... Watch Now.
Cardinal Gerald Lacroix Accused of Sexual Assault: Lawsuit Expands to 46 Victims
Canadian Cardinal Gerald Lacroix, a top advisor to Pope Francis, faces a class-action complaint alleging sexual assault of two women in the late 1980s. The lawsuit now includes 46 victims and over a do ... Read More.

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