Declining Patriotism in America: A Look at the Gallup Poll Results
Based on a recent Gallup poll, Republicans show higher patriotism than Democrats. However, only a marginal increase is seen in the percentage of Americans expressing “extreme pride” in their country, w ... Watch Now.
NBC News Voice Defends Use Of "We're Here, We're Q****, We're Coming For Your Children"
We’re here, we’re queer, we’re coming for your children was a rallying cry during a drag march in New York City, according to NBC News. Although the network insisted that the chant that appeared to be ... Read More.
Disney Scores Major Legal Victory in "Don't Say Gay" Law Battle against Florida Governor; DeSantis Now Wants Trial Delay
With a significant victory in a “Don’t Say Gay” law investor lawsuit, The Walt Disney Company has fired a shot across the bow of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s campaign against the House of Mouse. Disney’ ... Read More.
Costco's Membership Card Crackdown: No More Sharing
According to a company statement provided to FOX Business, the retailer’s crackdown on membership card-sharing involves having customers present their Costco membership card to a staff member when requ ... Watch Now.
Bongino Strikes Back: Debunks Media's Fake News on Restaurant Incident and Threatens to Sue!
Dan Bongino’s podcast on Monday criticized media’s “fake news” regarding the restaurant incident. Bongino advised waiting 24 hours before responding, as he was not forcibly removed from the restaurant. ... Read More.
Seattle Pride: Street Preacher Gets Heckled and Bible Destroyed at Wild and Diverse Event
During Sunday’s Seattle Pride event, a street preacher known as “The Seattle Preacher,” Matthew Meinecke, had his Bible destroyed as he read from it aloud. Attendees heckled him and brandished transgen ... Read More.
Dr. Anthony Fauci: Retiring from NIAID to Mentor Future Medical Leaders
Dr. Anthony Fauci, former director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), is retiring after serving in the highest levels of the U.S. government for nearly four decades. ... Read More.
Meteorologist Resigns Due to Hostility over Coverage of Climate Change
Due to their coverage of climate change, meteorologists across the globe are encountering an escalating amount of hostile criticism, some of which has even crossed the line into outright abuse. ... Read More.
Former 'Eight is Enough' Star Adam Rich's Untimely Death: Fentanyl Blamed
According to a report from the Los Angeles Medical Examiner’s Office, former child star Adam Rich passed away in January as a result of the “effects of fentanyl.” At the age of 54, the actor was discov ... Read More.
Texas: Hispanics Officially Become the Largest Demographic Group Surpassing Non-Hispanic Whites!
An analysis of population estimates reveals that Latinos have surpassed non-Hispanic whites as the largest population group in Texas. Find out more about the demographic trends in the state in the last ... Read More.
Race Against Time: Search for Missing Submersible on Titanic Wreckage Expedition Reaches Critical Point
The search for a missing submersible during a Titanic wreckage expedition may end soon as its four-day air supply is expected to run out. Rescue attempts need to be made before 6-8am EDT. ... Read More.
Zuckerberg Taking Elon Musk's Challenge to a Cage Match Seriously, Confirms Spokesperson
A spokesperson for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that he is taking Elon Musk’s challenge to a cage match seriously. Musk is the owner of Twitter and a fellow billionaire. ... Read More.
Kids at Drag Show? Viral Video Sparks Controversy at Six Flags Over Texas
Article discussing whether Six Flags Over Texas’s drag shows were inappropriate for children, citing a video showing young kids allegedly attending the performance and describing its sexual content. ... Read More.
"Banana Republic" Nation: Majority of American Voters Agree
The majority of American voters concur that the term “banana republic” best captures the current state of the nation. A “banana republic” is a typically smaller country that relies on the economy of la ... Read More.
Protestors, Drag Queens, and Baseball: The Controversy at Dodger Stadium
Catholic leaders hailed the moderate attendance at a Dodgers event honoring drag queen group, Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, despite hundreds who protested the event. Video footage later showed a sma ... Read More.

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