Carlson Addresses His Twitter Timeline For The First Time Since Fox News Firing
“Good evening, it’s Tucker Carlson. One of the first things you realize when you step outside the noise for a few days is how many genuinely nice people there are in this country. Kind and decent peopl ... Read More.
China-U.S. Relations Continue To Drift; CCP Wants Their Panda Bear Back
Since 1972, when Beijing presented two pandas to Richard Nixon, the president of the United States, the city has engaged in “panda diplomacy.” Pandas are now on loan to 18 other nations from China, the ... Read More.
Tucker Carlson's Departure In Conjucture With Former Producer's Lawsuit Against Host Raises Eyebrows
According to the lawsuit, “Ms. Grossberg was treated significantly worse than her male counterparts, even when those men were less qualified than her,” including being isolated, overworked, devalued, d ... Read More.
CNN Claims Don Lemon's Version Of Firing Was False; They Still Wish Him Well
The statement Don Lemon made on what happened this morning was false, according to the network. He was given the chance to meet with management, but he chose to tweet a statement instead. ... Read More.
Tucker Carlson And Fox News Part Ways
The network issued a statement saying, “We thank him for his service to the network as a host and before that as a contributor.” According to the network, Carlson’s last program aired on Friday. ... Read More.
CNN Creates New Primetime Show With Charles Barkley And Gayle King
Before Gale King’s name was offered, according to Charles Barkley, he was not excited about the prospect of presenting a program for CNN. King echoed this sentiment, stating that she “wasn’t looking fo ... Read More.
Some Celebrities Protesting Paying For Twitter Badges Receive Them Back; Dead Celebrities Too
By Sunday, it seemed that the platform had changed its mind and was attaching the blue check badge once again to the accounts of users who had previously been verified, but this time with a badge descr ... Read More.
NBA Hall Of Fame Coach Says After The BLM Slogan Jerseys, He Can't Watch The Game
Phil Jackson said that the game was aiming to appeal to a certain audience or draw in that crowd while being unaware that it was alienating other players. People want sports to be seen as being apoliti ... Read More.
Injured NC Woman Volleyball Player Begs State Legislatures To Stop Biological Males From Playing Women's Sports
Payton McNabb claimed that as a result of a transgender athlete allegedly hitting a volleyball into her face, she continues to have poor vision, partial paralysis on the right side of her body, constan ... Read More.
Prominent Instagram Model Cuts Ties With Fashion Designer Who Now Models Transgender Models
The marketing of Honey Birdette is not the only one drawing criticism. After recruiting Dylan Mulvaney, a transgender woman, as a spokesman, Bud Light received criticism, which decreased its market val ... Read More.
After 10 Years At Fox News, Dan Bongino Closes Book On That Chapter; Will Move On
Last week’s program finale was difficult. I assure you that it is not a huge conspiracy theory. There is no animosity…Simply put, we were unable to agree on an extension. That’s truly it, according to ... Read More.
School Officials Thought "Licking Contest" With Students Was A Great Fundraising Idea
Another mother confessed to conservative radio personality Jason Rantz, “When I first saw the video I was mortified.” “The behaviour of the trusted adults in the room was appalling in its utter lack of ... Read More.
Oklahoma Sheriff, County Officials Recorded Talking About Killing Reporters; Citizens Call For Resignations!
Sheriff Kevin Clardy describes in gruesome detail how the county “up wrapped the body in tinfoil to preserve the body and stuff like that.” The conversation then shifts to a joke about lighting a grill ... Read More.
Parler Shut Down By NEW Owners; Will Undergo Strategic Assessment"
It was not specified when Parler would return or what modifications the new owners intended to make. Starboard, on the other hand, claimed to see “tremendous opportunities across multiple sectors to co ... Read More.
Canadian Student Files Human Rights Lawsuit After Being Suspended For Not Recognizing Transgenders
According to the lawsuit, Alexander was finally suspended and informed that his continued attendance would be harmful to the physical and emotional health of transgender kids. ... Read More.

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