Young Lady Posts Viral Aftermath Video Of Man Approaching Her In Parking Lot
Although she provided little specifics and it is unclear where the incident occurred, it is daytime and other automobiles can be seen in the parking lot. She claimed the man said, “Excuse me, miss,” to ... Read More.
"Expert" Professor Tells Speaker Riley Gaines There No Bone Difference In Males And Females
“Would you be able to distinguish between a man and a woman only based on their skeletons if you dug up two humans 100 years from now?” Gaines questioned Yearwood. He said, “No,” to laughter from the a ... Read More.
Judge Concludes Dominion Has Case Against Fox News; Opinion Privilege Defense Didn't Work
The Court concludes that the Statement makes factual assertions and is therefore not covered by the opinion privilege. Even worse for Fox, Judge Davis determined that Dominion had proven that the twent ... Read More.
NFL Player Claims TSA Agent Sexually Assaulted Him
“I’m not posting this on Twitter to express compassion. I’m posting this so that this gang of gentlemen and staff are never permitted to do this to another human being again “Joseph-Day penned a letter ... Read More.
Baltimore To Receive Ohio Train Derailment Wastewater; City Officials Apprehensive
The Back Water Treatment Plant was selected by the EPA and MDE because it can handle their pre-treated effluent, Scott said. Two delegates call on Governor Wes Moore to intervene and halt the plan whil ... Read More.
Chemical Train Derails In Chicago; 8th U.S. Derailment In Two Months
The tragedy comes after at least seven additional freight trains had derailed throughout the US since the start of February. A wheat-carrying Canadian Pacific train derailed earlier on Sunday in a Chic ... Read More.
WLBT's Meteorologist Hasn't Been Seen Since Quoting This Infamous Quote By Rapper Snoop Dogg's
According to a statement from WLBT Vice President and General Manager Ted Fortenberry, “WLBT is unable to comment on personnel concerns. I’m sure you can understand.” ... Read More.
Republicans To Move Forward With TikTok Ban After Hearing
According to McCarthy, there is already “bipartisan concern” among lawmakers about the security threats that the TikTok social media platform poses. He said that he would support a national ban on the ... Read More.
Teacher Disciplines Talkative Students With Tape Over Their Mouths
Webster said of the claimed disciplinary action that had been applied to her son a few times earlier, “That had been going on for a while before this day.” “I was unaware that he was a problem for his ... Read More.
AOC Protests Potential TikTok Ban By Joining The Platform And Posting First Video
The proposal would compel schools to make their curricula available to the public, permit parents to meet with their children’s teachers, and compel them to notify parents when there is violence on sch ... Read More.
National Hockey Team, Various NHL Hockey Players REFUSE To Wear Pride Jerseys
The Staal brothers said in a statement that they “carry no judgment on how people choose to live their lives” and that they “think that all people should be accepted in all parts of the game of hockey. ... Read More.
First-in-the-Nation Utah Law Gives Parents Access to Children’s Online Accounts, Teens
Similar limits are being considered by lawmakers in a number of states, including Connecticut and Ohio. According to analysts, if enough states pass legislation, it may result in a federal regulation. ... Read More.
Artificial Intelligence Scammers Using Voices of Loved Ones to Target Victims
According to FTC representatives, phone-based “imposter scams” cost consumers more than $11 million in 2022. However, after money has been stolen, there is frequently no way to get it back. “There is n ... Read More.
CDC Warns Of Artificial Tears Eye Drops; Dangerous Side Effects Including Death
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a joint warning last month advising against the use of EzriCare Artificial Tears and Delsam Pharma ... Read More.
Public Confidence In The Banking Sector Has Plummeted Since Failure Of Two Major Banks
Earlier this month, Silicon Valley Bank failed because it had insufficient funds to cover customer withdrawals and had to liquidate assets to stay open. Some days later, cryptocurrency-focused Signatur ... Read More.

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