Harvard Student Organizations Release Bold Statement on Recent Attack: Stands With Hamas
A joint statement was released by over 30 student organizations at Harvard University, expressing their perspective on the recent surprise attack by Hamas that resulted in the loss of numerous Israeli ... Watch Now.
MyPillow CEO, Mike Lindell, Experiences Financial Woes Amid Legal Battles and Cancel Culture Challenges
According to Mike Lindell, he claims to have lost everything. In various interviews conducted on Thursday, the CEO of MyPillow, who has gained significant recognition for espousing theories regarding t ... Read More.
Alarming Disparity: Black Leaders Call Out Targeting of Minority Neighborhoods by Abortion Clinics
Black pastors in Ohio are joining forces with other faith leaders to oppose an upcoming abortion rights amendment. They argue that this issue is a matter of life or death, citing alarming statistics th ... Read More.
Have A New iPhone 15? You're Going To Want This News, ASAP!
Following the recent release of the new iPhone 15 models by Apple, users have taken to various online platforms such as Apple’s forums, Reddit, and social media to express their concerns regarding the ... Read More.
Kaepernick's Instagram Letter: 35-Year-Old Former QB Begs NY Jets For Chance At Starting Spot
Former NFL QB Colin Kaepernick begged Jets GM Joe Douglas on Instagram, expressing interest in joining the team to address their quarterback depth challenges following Aaron Rodgers’ injury. ... Read More.
Concerns Among Democrats as Former President Trump Plans Visit to Striking UAW Members in Detroit, Michigan
Former President Donald Trump is anticipated to skip the second GOP Presidential debate and engage in a conversation with United Automobile Workers in Detroit. Democrats closely tied to the White House ... Watch Now.
Daily Wire Moves Panel Behind Paywall After Candace Owens YouTube Suspension
The proclamation was unveiled on the day of Tuesday, emanating from none other than the esteemed comrade of the Daily Wire, Michael Knowles. Owens was scheduled to partake in a panel discussion known a ... Read More.
Game-Changer: Fast-Food Workers in California to See Minimum Wage Soar to $20/hour
California fast-food workers celebrate victory as controversial labor proposal is scrapped. New deal ensures enhanced rights and fair pay, providing relief to employees making $15 per hour. ... Watch Now.
Florida Football Coach Suspends Himself for Offensive Verbal Attack on Player
Video footage shows 45-year-old Derek Jenks yelling obscenities at the player as he sits in his chair. Southwest Florida Preparatory and Technical Institute’s head coach and founder, Jenks, posted a vi ... Read More.
From Boomtown to Tech Town: Las Vegas Economy at Risk of Robot Takeover
According to analysts, the economy of Las Vegas, which heavily relies on tourism, has rendered numerous workers susceptible to being substituted by robots. To ensure the preservation of employment oppo ... Read More.
Delta Flight Makes Emergency Landing After Passenger's Diarrhea Disrupts Multiple Areas of the Plane!
According to a spokesperson from Delta, the teams involved in the process of cleaning the airplane worked with utmost efficiency and prioritized the safety of everyone involved. Their primary objective ... Read More.
Tragic Death Linked to Viral "One Chip Challenge": Teenager Loses Life After Extreme Spicy Chip Consumption
After being picked up by his family and taken home, Harris Wolobah began to experience an improvement in his condition. However, it was unfortunate that he was later discovered unconscious just as he w ... Watch Now.
Japanese Doctor's Tragic End: 100 Days Nonstop Work Takes Its Toll
According to the Mainichi, the labor office stated in a June ruling that Takashima, who had recently become a medical specialist, was given similar responsibilities as senior doctors. These duties incl ... Read More.
Sam Asghari Files for Divorce from Britney Spears After Cheating Scandal
Initial reports on Wednesday (August 16) alleged that Britney and her spouse had recently separated and were on the path to divorce. Sam Asghari reportedly suspected that Britney had been unfaithful to ... Read More.
Illinois Breaks New Ground with Law Protecting Child Influencers: Prioritizing Safety in the Digital Age
In move, the state of Illinois has become the first in the nation to pass a law dedicated to safeguarding children influencers. This pioneering legislation aims to shield children from the potential da ... Read More.

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