Rockets Hit Another U.S. Base In Syria On Friday Following An Early U.S. Retaliatory Strike
The U.S. has taken “all necessary steps to safeguard our people and will always respond at a time and location of our choosing,” as CENTCOM commander General Michael Kurilla stated after the retaliator ... Read More.
US Military Carries Out Airstrikes in Syria After Drone Attack Kills American Contractor
The head of Central Command, US Army Gen. Michael “Erik” Kurilla, cautioned that American forces could launch additional strikes if necessary. In a statement, Kurilla stated that “we are prepared for s ... Read More.
Saudi King Invites President of Iran To Riyadh Days After China Brokered Diplomatic Deal
In a historic agreement mediated by Chinese President Xi Jinping, Saudi Arabia and Iran said last week that they will reestablish diplomatic relations and pledge to “non-interfere” in one another’s int ... Read More.
Kremlin Allegedly Tells Officials To Throw Away iPhones By End Of Month
According to the publication, employees were instructed to switch from their iPhones to smartphones with alternative operating systems, such as Android, its Chinese equivalents, or Aurora, an operating ... Read More.
WH Says No Russia-Ukraine Cease Fire Led By China Will Be Acceptable
John Kirby, the National Security Council’s strategic communications coordinator, argued that such a cessation of hostilities would not be the positive development it may seem to be just one week after ... Read More.
Americans Take Notice! World Leaders Praise China For New Global Civilization Initiative
Political leaders who took part in the virtual meeting spoke positively about Xi’s initiative and expressed their willingness to work with the CPC to play a guiding role in promoting exchanges and mutu ... Read More.
Saudi Arabian Energy Minister: We Won't Sell Oil To Anyone That Caps Prices
In an interview with “Energy Intelligence,” Prince Abdulaziz emphasized the multiplicity of factors that affect market sentiment, and he said that expansion of the global economy is expected to persist ... Read More.
Russia Denies U.S. Account Of Drone Incident; Claims American UAV Had Turned Off Transponder
The UAV, without a functioning transponder and in blatant violation of the parameters established for the performance of the special military operation, was headed straight for the Russian border, the ... Read More.
Power Dynamics Redrawn? China Negotiates Deal Between Saudi Arabia And Iran
One observer says China’s achievement dwarfs President Biden’s. “We have no relations,” said Amy Hawthorne of the Washington-based NGO Initiative on Middle East Democracy. ... Read More.
Mexican President Threatens Republicans Over Fentanyl Rhetoric; Change Or Else!
If the US did not modify its “interventionist, brutal, hypocritical, and corrupt” policies, López Obrador claimed Mexicans and Hispanics would vote “not one vote” for Republicans. ... Read More.
Mexican Cartel Member Apologizes For Death Of American; Hands Over Alleged Suspects With Letter
The drug gang that runs most of the state of Tamaulipas is said to have sent them a letter. “We have decided to hand over those who were directly involved and responsible for what happened, and who alw ... Read More.
Eight Dead After Attack At Jehovah Witness Gathering In Germany
Spiegel’s sources said the shooter was a former Jehovah’s Witness in his mid-30s who wasn’t extremist. Spiegel alleges the man created a website offering her consulting employment in many subjects, inc ... Read More.
China's Xi Wins Third 5-Year Term With 2,952 to 0 Vote
The National People’s Congress, which is mostly for show, had no choice but to approve Xi’s appointment. Since taking power in 2012, Xi has pushed out potential rivals and put his supporters in the top ... Read More.
Mexican President Claims His Country Doesn't Have Fentanyl Problem; Doesn't Consume The Drug
López Obrador responded to a question on why America doesn’t “take care of their problem of societal disintegration” by saying, “Here, we do not make fentanyl, and we do not have consumption of fentany ... Read More.
Donald Trump Would Have Not Stood For The Kidnapping And Killing Of American Citizens
Even though this brazen attack occurred on the Mexican side of the border, barely a few miles from U.S. territory, Rep. Mark Green claimed the cartels continue to exploit the Biden administration’s poo ... Read More.

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