Alarming Disparity: Black Leaders Call Out Targeting of Minority Neighborhoods by Abortion Clinics
Black pastors in Ohio are joining forces with other faith leaders to oppose an upcoming abortion rights amendment. They argue that this issue is a matter of life or death, citing alarming statistics th ... Read More.
Trump Rejects Speaker Role, Focused on Presidency
Former President Donald Trump dismissed suggestions of him becoming the next speaker of the House, following the removal of Rep. Kevin McCarthy. Trump stated that his main focus is on becoming presiden ... Read More.
Devastating Medication Mixup: Las Vegas Woman's Tragic Pregnancy Loss Sparks CVS Controversy
Timika Thomas of Las Vegas raised awareness about a devastating medication mixup at CVS that led to the unintended termination of her desired pregnancy. Previous experiences with two ectopic pregnancie ... Watch Now.
Rep. McCarthy Condemns "False Conservatives" After Historic Speaker Removal
During a press conference, Kevin McCarthy responded to a reporter’s statement regarding his departure by asserting that the individuals in question, whom the reporter referred to as “more conservative ... Read More.
New York Judge Allows Pre-2014 Evidence in Trump Trial, Undermining His Dismissal Claim
In the civil trial involving former President Donald Trump, a New York judge made a ruling on Tuesday regarding the admissibility of evidence predating 2014. The judge stated that such evidence can be ... Read More.
Former House Speaker Calls for Expulsion of Rep. Matt Gaetz, Alleging Rules Violation and Hidden Motives
Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich recently called for the expulsion of Representative Matt Gaetz from the House Republican Conference. Gingrich alleges that Gaetz, a Republican from Florida, is violat ... Read More.
Shakeup in Congress: Rep. Mccarthy Ousted as House Speaker After Rep. Gaetz's Bold Move
Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) was removed as Speaker of the House on Tuesday. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) filed a motion to vacate the chair on Monday, leading to the removal. With support from dissatisfied Re ... Read More.
House Speaker Kevin McCarthy Denies Secret Deal with President Biden on Ukraine Funding
Rep. Matt Gaetz’s claim that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy secretly agreed with President Biden on funding for Ukraine has been debunked. McCarthy clarified that there is no such agreement or arrangemen ... Read More.
Republican Showdown: Gaetz Makes Bold Move to Oust McCarthy as House Speaker
After filing the motion, Rep. Matt Gaetz expressed his opinion about Kevin McCarthy, describing him as somewhat pitiful. He is a result of a system that is tainted by corruption, wherein individuals ar ... Read More.
The-Dollar Deception: Donald Trump Faces Civil Fraud Case with Potential Impact on His Real Estate Empire
According to lawyers representing the New York state attorney general, Donald Trump allegedly obtained over US$1 billion through deceptive practices involving the misrepresentation of his assets to ban ... Read More.
Trump Faces Legal Battle Over Valuable Real Estate: Will Travel To NY To Defend Name
Former President Donald Trump is facing a significant challenge to his ownership of valuable real estate properties. In response, he has decided to take the unusual step of voluntarily appearing in cou ... Read More.
Have A New iPhone 15? You're Going To Want This News, ASAP!
Following the recent release of the new iPhone 15 models by Apple, users have taken to various online platforms such as Apple’s forums, Reddit, and social media to express their concerns regarding the ... Read More.
Political Strategist Laphonza Butler To Hold Late Senator Feinstein Seat Until Election
Gov. Gavin Newsom has chosen political strategist Laphonza Butler to replace late Senator Dianne Feinstein, reports. Butler, a labor leader and president of EMILY’s List (the -self-described “nation’s ... Read More.
Fire Alarm Chaos: Rep. Jamaal Bowman Triggers Evacuation at Capitol Building; Claims Unintentional
On Saturday, Rep. Jamaal Bowman, a Democratic representative from New York, took action that resulted in the evacuation of the Cannon House Office Building. This incident occurred just before the House ... Watch Now.
McCarthy's Bold Move: Counting on Dems to Pass Stopgap Spending Measure Sparks Leadership Showdown
House Speaker Kevin McCarthy recently announced his achievement of garnering sufficient support to pass a 45-day stopgap spending measure in the lower chamber. Notably, this measure would necessitate t ... Watch Now.

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