Gaza Ground Operation Postponed: Israel Faces Challenges and Expensive Delays due to Weather
Israel has delayed its planned ground operation against Hamas in Gaza, citing unfavorable weather conditions. The Israeli military is expected to face challenges and expenses due to the scale of the in ... Read More.
US Concerns: Escalating Israel-Hamas Conflict, Iran's Involvement, and Emergence of New Conflict Zone
The United States has expressed concerns about the escalating conflict between Israel and Hamas, as well as the possibility of Iran’s involvement. Jake Sullivan, the White House National Security Advis ... Read More.
Devating Hostage Crisis: Hamas Holds 126 Captives, 1,300 Lives Lost in Tragic Attack
Israeli military confirmed that Hamas is holding 126 individuals as hostages since their fatal attack 8 days ago. Initial estimates indicated around 150 Israeli and foreign captives were taken. The att ... Watch Now.
Broward Sheriff's Office Scandal: Cash Crime Scheme Unveiled During COVID-19 Pandemic | 50-70 Involved
Numerous Broward Sheriff’s Office employees, including deputies, have allegedly been involved in a complex cash crime scheme Protection Program loans during the COVID-19 pandemic. Investigative reporte ... Watch Now.
China's Foreign Minister Slams Israel: Gaza Actions Cross Line of Self-Defense
China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi criticized Israel’s actions in Gaza, stating that they exceeded self-defense boundaries and called for an end to collective punishment of Gaza’s people. Wang’s remarks ... Read More.
ALERT: The G77 + China Summit in Cuba: A Call for Change in the Global Order
The G77+China, a coalition of developing and emerging nations representing 80% of the global population, held a summit in Cuba. They called for changes to global regulations to address concerns over th ... Watch Now.
Republican Party's Internal Strife: The Pathetic Drama of House GOP's Speaker Race
The Republican Party is currently dealing with embarrassing situations, with the House GOP’s incompetence and petty squabbles seen as particularly pathetic. Steve Scalise, initially chosen as the party ... Read More.
Majority Leader Steve Scalise Withdraws from House Speaker Race: Unexpected Obstacle Emerges
Steve Scalise, the Majority Leader, faced a setback in his bid to become House Speaker when around 20 conservative Republican members declined to endorse him. This unexpected turn of events led Scalise ... Read More.
No Utilization of $6 Billion by Iran from Prisoner Exchange: White House Responds to Reports
According to the White House, Iran has not utilized any of the $6 billion that was released as part of a prisoner exchange with Tehran. This statement comes in response to reports suggesting that the U ... Watch Now.
Hostages Allegedly Killed in Gaza: Hamas Claims Airstrikes by Israeli Military
According to Hamas, a militant group operating in the Gaza Strip, they have made a claim that 13 hostages who were being held following a violent attack over the weekend have been killed. These alleged ... Read More.
Conflict Escalates: Israel Orders Evacuation of Northern Gaza, Residents Urged to Defy
The United Nations announced on Thursday that Israel has issued an order for the evacuation of northern Gaza, which is inhabited by approximately 1.1 million individuals. However, this command is consi ... Read More.
President Biden's Controversial Claim: Beheaded Children and the White House's Retraction
President Biden initially claimed to have seen pictures of beheaded children after Hamas’s attack on Israel. However, the White House later retracted the statement. This reversal came after Biden recou ... Read More.
Grim Milestone: Over 1,000 Lives Lost in Hamas Violence, Including Americans
It has been confirmed that at least 14 individuals who were U.S. citizens have lost their lives in these tragic events. According to the White House, there are reports of “20 or more Americans” who are ... Read More.
Silence Speaks: Backlash Surrounds Congresswoman Tlaib's Stance on Hamas Actions in Israel
Critics question Rashida Tlaib’s choice to remain silent on certain acts, branding it as cowardice. They argue that such actions contradict American values and suggest the removal of individuals from s ... Read More.
GOP Speaker's Gavel Contest: Republicans Split on Scalise vs. Jordan
Republicans show divided positions in the contest for the speaker’s gavel between Steve Scalise and Jim Jordan. The GOP conference has not yet rallied behind a single candidate. A private meeting was h ... Read More.

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