Georgia Officials Ignore Cybersecurity Concerns and Delay Update of Dominion Voting Machines Until 2024
This article sheds light on the cybersecurity concerns around Georgia’s Dominion voting machines and the officials’ decision to delay updates until after the 2024 presidential election. The report’s fi ... Read More.
Former Republican Governor Slams Florida's DeSantis Campaign As One of the Worst Yet
Former Republican Governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan, criticizes Florida’s Republican Governor, Ron DeSantis, and his presidential campaign. In an interview with CBS News, Hogan expresses his negative o ... Read More.
Former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Trial Scheduled to Wrap Up by September
Former President Trump’s trial for withholding Mar-a-Lago documents to be concluded by September per the schedule proposed by US District Judge Aileen Cannon. Two-week proceedings to start on August 14 ... Read More.
FL Prohibitions on Transgender Healthcare Funding Struck Down by Federal Judge
A federal judge has nullified Florida laws that previously prevented public healthcare programs from funding transgender hormone therapy and puberty-blocking medications. ... Read More.
Texas: Hispanics Officially Become the Largest Demographic Group Surpassing Non-Hispanic Whites!
An analysis of population estimates reveals that Latinos have surpassed non-Hispanic whites as the largest population group in Texas. Find out more about the demographic trends in the state in the last ... Read More.
Democratic Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to Testify on Militarization of Federal Government
Read about Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s controversial views on COVID-19 vaccinations and the reprimands he has received from major tech companies, including the removal of a video from YouTube for violating ... Read More.
IRS Leaker Exposes "Stand Down Order" in Hunter Biden Investigation Before 2020 Presidential Election
IRS leaker Gary Shapley claims the DOJ received “stand down order” in Hunter Biden investigation before 2020 election. Shapley alleges preferential treatment and unchecked conflicts of interest. ... Read More.
Behind the Beltway Press Corps' Coverage: Hunter Biden's Plea Deal Controversy Uncovered
IRS whistleblowers reveal shocking interference from Biden’s team, conflicts of interest, and preferential treatment in handling tax investigations. House Ways and Means Committee chairman releases tes ... Read More.
House Republicans in Disarray as House Speaker McCarthy Tries to Stall Biden Impeachment
Before his leadership team attempted to move the leading Loren Boebert resolution to the Rules Committee on Wednesday, Speaker Kevin McCarthy reportedly advised conference attendees to vote against it. ... Read More.
Race Against Time: Search for Missing Submersible on Titanic Wreckage Expedition Reaches Critical Point
The search for a missing submersible during a Titanic wreckage expedition may end soon as its four-day air supply is expected to run out. Rescue attempts need to be made before 6-8am EDT. ... Read More.
Zuckerberg Taking Elon Musk's Challenge to a Cage Match Seriously, Confirms Spokesperson
A spokesperson for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that he is taking Elon Musk’s challenge to a cage match seriously. Musk is the owner of Twitter and a fellow billionaire. ... Read More.
Report Confirms Georgia's MTG calls Colorado's Boebert "A Little B***" On House Floor
Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado is described as “a little bitch” in a report that was confirmed by Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia on Wednesday. ... Read More.
Republicans Grill Special Counsel on Lack of Charges Against DOJ Officials in Operation Crossfire Hurricane
The FBI’s approach to foreign election interference in the Clinton campaign was notably different from their handling of the same issue in the Trump campaign, according to Durham’s final report. Furthe ... Read More.
Former Press Secretary Throws Shade At Trump During Interview with DeSantis
In a recent interview with her fellow Republican primary rival Ron DeSantis, former press secretary Kayleigh McEnany took a subtle jab at her previous boss. While guest-hosting on Fox News, DeSantis, t ... Read More.
House of Representatives Censures Adam Schiff in Close 213-209 Vote
Following the vote, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy declared, “The House has resolved that the House of Representatives censures Adam Schiff, representative of the 30th congressional district of Californi ... Read More.

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