Geraldo Rivera Bids Farewell to Fox News After "The Five" Fallout
Geraldo Rivera, a seasoned veteran in the television industry, made an emotional announcement on Twitter, revealing his departure from Fox News following his dismissal from “The Five.” In his heartfelt ... Read More.
NH Trump Supporter: This Guy Has Fought Battles, Upon Battles, Upon Battles for Us — and He’s Still Here
For many voters who showed up to hear Donald Trump’s speech at a GOP women’s luncheon this week, the primary was essentially over. Don’t even inquire about anyone else, said Suzanne Pesaresi, a 62-year ... Read More.
McGuyver-Like Suspect Attempts DUI Escape Using Apple Watch
According to the Florida Highway Patrol, a state trooper was called to help a disabled vehicle. However, things took a turn when the trooper requested backup, stating that she was involved in a physica ... Watch Now.
Paul Ryan: Former House Speaker Declares Victory Possible for 2024 GOP Candidate, Except Trump
Paul Ryan, the former speaker of the house, asserts that any potential 2024 Republican presidential candidate, excluding Donald Trump, could triumph over the incumbent president, Joe Biden. However, he ... Read More.
NBC News Voice Defends Use Of "We're Here, We're Q****, We're Coming For Your Children"
We’re here, we’re queer, we’re coming for your children was a rallying cry during a drag march in New York City, according to NBC News. Although the network insisted that the chant that appeared to be ... Read More.
Disney Scores Major Legal Victory in "Don't Say Gay" Law Battle against Florida Governor; DeSantis Now Wants Trial Delay
With a significant victory in a “Don’t Say Gay” law investor lawsuit, The Walt Disney Company has fired a shot across the bow of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s campaign against the House of Mouse. Disney’ ... Read More.
Battle for Pennsylvania: Trump Leads Biden in New Quinnipiac Poll
In Pennsylvania, a crucial swing state that narrowly went to Biden in 2020, former President Donald Trump currently holds a lead over the incumbent. Trump had previously won the Keystone State in 2016. ... Read More.
Chris Christie Takes a Stand: No Support for Trump in 2024
Prominent Republican candidate Chris Christie made headlines by publicly opposing endorsing Donald Trump if he secures the GOP nomination in 2024. During a recent appearance on Fox News Tonight, host L ... Read More.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Unity: Regardless of Differences, Proud of Trump's Approval
Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a Democratic candidate for president, stated on Wednesday that he is pleased that former President Donald Trump likes him because his mission is to unite all Americans, regardles ... Read More.
5 out of 6 US Presidents Are Descendants of Slaveowners: Trump Breaks the Chain; Republican Party Has Problems However!
According to a recent report from Reuters, it was discovered that five out of the six current US presidents are directly descended from slaveowners. This study, published shortly after the commemoratio ... Read More.
Costco's Membership Card Crackdown: No More Sharing
According to a company statement provided to FOX Business, the retailer’s crackdown on membership card-sharing involves having customers present their Costco membership card to a staff member when requ ... Watch Now.
Pink's London Concert Paused by Unexpected Fan Gesture: A Bag of Cremated Remains Steals the Spotlight
During Pink’s London concert, a disruptive fan momentarily halted the performance by hurling a small bag containing cremated remains onto the stage. The singer stood up and moved to the edge of the sta ... Read More.
The Self-Proclaimed Sovereign: Defying Laws and Consequences
Surprisingly, every law, rule, or advice given to this self-proclaimed sovereign citizen seems to have the opposite effect. He believes he is exempt from the regulations that ordinary people must follo ... Watch Now.
Chemical Trafficking Allegations: US Files Criminal Charges Against Chinese Companies and Individuals Linked to Fentanyl Crisis
As a result of allegations that they illegally trafficked the chemicals used to make fentanyl, a highly addictive painkiller that has contributed to the opioid crisis in the US, the US justice departme ... Watch Now.
House Speaker Kevin McCarthy Expresses Doubt: Is Trump the Strongest GOP Candidate for President?
During an interview on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” on Tuesday, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy expressed uncertainty about whether former President Donald Trump would be the strongest Republican candidate for the ... Read More.

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