Hollywood Actress Leaves Dem party; Registers As Independent And Endorses Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Alicia Silverstone posted on Instagram, “Last year, I terminated my Democratic Party affiliation and registered as an Independent voter.” “Like many others, I am consistently extremely disillusioned wi ... Read More.
CNN CEO Chris Licht "OUT" After Trying To Change Failing Culture
For his decisions, Chris Licht has been under pressure from both inside and beyond the organization, particularly in the wake of a critical Atlantic profile of his leadership that was released on Frida ... Read More.
Credible Military Vet: US Gov't Withholding Evidence of Non-Human Origin Craft and Possible Extraterrestrial Life
According to a shocking revelation from an Air Force veteran, the US government has found objects that might be evidence of extraterrestrial life, including a complete craft of “non-human origin,” but ... Read More.
New York City Launches "Public Health Vending Machine" To Combat Overdoses and Spread of Diseases
According to a news release, the machine will provide supplies from a site in Brooklyn close to a supportive living facility 24/7 at no cost. According to The New York Post, the machines also dispense ... Read More.
Growing Acceptance? Over 70% of Americans Now Support Same-Sex Unions
Gallup has discovered a rise in support for same-sex marriage over time among all significant groupings. According to the study, homosexual weddings should be legalized, with the exception of two signi ... Read More.
Oklahoma School Board Defies Law to Establish First Publicly Funded Religious School in America
Despite a warning from the state’s attorney general that the move was unlawful, an Oklahoma state school board on Monday decided to authorize the establishment of what would be the first publicly finan ... Read More.
Civil Rights Activist Cornel West Announces Candidacy for President in 2024
As a presidential candidate for the People’s Party, I’m fighting to restore America to its best self by ensuring that everyone has access to housing, health care, education, and a decent wage while als ... Read More.
The Bakers vs. John and Rastelli Foods: The Battle over Bubba Q's Boneless Baby Back Ribs Patent
Former “Shark Tank” participants are the targets of a lawsuit and restraining order filed by celebrity investor Daymond John. Following his inclusion in the business reality TV show, the Baker family c ... Read More.
Mystery Deepens as Cleveland Region Reports Almost 30 Missing Kids in Just Two Weeks, Many Without Photos
A local police chief claimed that in his 33 years on the job, he had never seen anything like the almost 30 missing kid reports that came in during a two-week period at the beginning of May in the Clev ... Read More.
Watch Florida Congressman Maxwell Frost Join Paramore Onstage During Gen Z DC Concert To Diss Ron DeSantis
At a recent Paramore gig in Washington, D.C., Florida Representative Maxwell Frost didn’t hold back in his criticisms for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. While on stage, lead singer Hayley Williams hail ... Read More.
YouTube Reverses Policy and Allows Content Denying 2020 Election Validity - What You Need to Know
On Friday, YouTube announced that they will be changing their policy in regards to videos that spread false information about election fraud, including the 2020 presidential election. The shift in poli ... Read More.
Ben & Jerry's Stops Twitter Ads Citing "Hate Speech" Spike Under Elon Musk's Control
Ben & Jerry’s, the famous ice cream company, announced this week that they will no longer be paying for advertising on Twitter. The reason, they claim, is due to an increase in “hate speech” on the sit ... Read More.
Founder vs. Organization: Project Veritas Sues James O'Keefe Over New Business
Project Veritas files a lawsuit against its founder, James O’Keefe III, accusing him of violating his employment contract and starting a competing business while still a part of the organization, despi ... Read More.
Chick-Fil-A CEO: If We Find Someone That Needs Their Shoes Shined, We Should Shine Their Shoes
Conservative activists are considering a boycott of the fast food restaurant Chick-fil-A due to its diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) policies because they believe the business has become more pro ... Read More.
Conservative Rappers' Anti-Target Song Climbs Hip-Hop Charts Amid Pride Month Controversy
Conservative rappers Forgiato Blow and Jimmy Levy’s song “Boycott Target” peaked at number two on the hip-hop chart on iTunes on Monday, riding a tide of conservative anger against the big-box store ov ... Read More.

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