Oklahoma Sheriff, County Officials Recorded Talking About Killing Reporters; Citizens Call For Resignations!
Sheriff Kevin Clardy describes in gruesome detail how the county “up wrapped the body in tinfoil to preserve the body and stuff like that.” The conversation then shifts to a joke about lighting a grill ... Read More.
Parler Shut Down By NEW Owners; Will Undergo Strategic Assessment"
It was not specified when Parler would return or what modifications the new owners intended to make. Starboard, on the other hand, claimed to see “tremendous opportunities across multiple sectors to co ... Read More.
Canadian Student Files Human Rights Lawsuit After Being Suspended For Not Recognizing Transgenders
According to the lawsuit, Alexander was finally suspended and informed that his continued attendance would be harmful to the physical and emotional health of transgender kids. ... Read More.
Train Carrying Hazardous Materials Derails Near Rockwood Maine Next To A River!
According to the spokesman, the disaster occurred at roughly 8:30 a.m. as a result of a “track washout,” which occurs when intense rain washes away the road beneath the train track. They said that it t ... Read More.
Donald Trump Jr Implores MAGA To Pull Back On Budweiser And Anheuser-Busch Protests
However, Mr. Trump claimed he did not hold the firm as a whole responsible. He said that the business “doesn’t engage in the same leftist nonsense as the other big conglomerates.” They don’t engage in ... Read More.
Minneapolis City Council Votes Overwhelmingly To Allow Muslim Call To Prayer To Broadcast 5 Times A Day
According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the Minneapolis City Council overwhelmingly decided Thursday to change the city’s noise law, which had barred morning and late-evening calls during specific p ... Read More.
Montana Poised To Pass TikTok Ban—Here’s How Restrictions Would Work
If the Act takes effect in January 2024, it particularly targets TikTok, and violators will be penalized $10,000 per violation each day. The law will be void if ByteDance, TikTok’s Chinese parent firm, ... Read More.
NPR Says It's Shutting Down Its 52 Twitter Accounts; Elon Musk Responds
NPR announced its decision to stop posting on Twitter and start using Instagram and TikTok in a statement on Wednesday. “We are not putting our journalism on platforms that have demonstrated an interes ... Read More.
California, Massachusetts Join Washington State In Stockpiling Abortion Pills
The Biden administration argued Monday that the lawsuit challenging the FDA’s 2000 approval of mifepristone is “manifestly untimely” and that the group of anti-abortion rights physicians and medical as ... Read More.
MSNBC's Joy Reid Wades Into Defamation Territory; 'Texas Gov, Greg Abbott Is ‘Bringing Back Lynching
“This strikes me as a pattern. Republicans are proposing and enacting laws allowing anyone to hit any protester with their car, whether they are participating in the Black Lives Matter movement or not, ... Read More.
Billionaire Musk Believes If Fentanyl Was Legalized, It Would End Or Reduce Drug Deaths
Musk’s libertarian response was, “I think we should legalize it. If there is true [Quality Assurance] & control, the likelihood of an overdose or a defective batch is significantly decreased. ... Read More.
Levin: Remove The AM Band From Cars Is Targeted at People Like Me From Reaching My Audience
“This idea that you’re suddenly going to remove the AM band from cars is targeted at people like me to prevent people like you from just turning on your radio as you drive in your own local area or gen ... Read More.
WH Looking Into Creating Press Briefing Room For TikTok Biden Influencers
While the Biden administration is actively trying to hire TikTok employees, it is also imposing new regulations on the service. Last month, Biden ordered a Chinese internet company called ByteDance to ... Read More.
Internal Affairs To Investigate Chicago PD Twitter Account "Liking" Travis Tritt Anti-Bud Light Post?
On Friday, after the tweet was seen by over 20 million people and liked by over 192,500 people, despite Tritt having only 363,000 followers, the department erased its “like.” The Bureau of Internal Aff ... Read More.
Indiana Teacher Fired For Not Recognizing Pronouns Receives Bad News From Federal Appeals Court
When Kluge expressed his uneasiness to the school principal on the first day of courses and mentioned his Christian faith, district officials agreed to let him use the pupils’ last names. But the endea ... Read More.

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