Threads App by Mark Zuckerberg: Leaves Twitter Rivals in the Dust, Surging with Triple the Users!
Within hours of its release, Mark Zuckerberg’s Threads app overtook all other Twitter rivals in terms of user base, gaining three times as many users. In the first 12 hours after its Thursday release, ... Read More.
David vs. Goliath: Sound of Freedom Triumphs Over Harrison Ford's Disney Blockbuster!
On the Fourth of July weekend, Jim Caviezel’s most recent movie Sound Of Freedom, which chronicles the life of former DHS agent Tim Ballard and his battle against child trafficking, performed better th ... Read More.
Former NBA All-Star Criticizes LGBT Community's "Unfair Playbook"; They Make Up Rules On Spot To Cancel Voices
Gilbert Arenas, a former three-time NBA All-Star, blasted the “LGBT” community as the world’s “most unfair group.” Arenas made reference to a “playbook” that he claims LGBT people employ to reject othe ... Read More.
Meta Launching Twitter Competitor ‘Threads’; Comes At Most Opportune Time
Since comparing visual and text-based social media isn’t exactly an apples-to-apples comparison, it is still unclear whether Meta will be able to translate Instagram’s popularity into astronomical succ ... Watch Now.
Florida's Labor Shortage: New Immigration Law Spurs Exodus of Migrant Workers
Developers, construction firms, and workers in Miami’s booming construction industry claim the change occurred as soon as DeSantis signed the legislation this spring. A quarter to half of their teams h ... Watch Now.
Tech Spectacle: High-Tech Drones Light Up the Sky, Replacing Fireworks for a Safer Fourth of July Celebration
Some cities in the US, like Salt Lake City, are opting for synchronized electronic drone shows instead of fireworks this Independence Day. This decision is due to concerns about fire safety and air qua ... Read More.
LGBTQ Pride Vs Climate Change Activists?
Just Stop Oil protesters briefly disrupted a London Pride parade, causing tension between the two groups. Video footage shows seven teenage protesters lying down in front of a Coca-Cola sponsored bus, ... Read More.
Charles Barkley Makes Life-Changing Decision To Help Less Fortunate Black Kids
Charles Barkley reacts to the Supreme Court’s ruling on race in college admissions, calling it a “shot across the bow.” The NBA legend pledges a $5 million bequest to his alma mater Auburn University i ... Read More.
Pornhub's Bold Move: Blocking Virginia to Challenge Controversial Law
Pornhub, recently has implemented a restriction for viewers in Virginia as a means to influence the state authorities. The website claims that the law fails to safeguard children and user privacy effec ... Read More.
Declining Patriotism in America: A Look at the Gallup Poll Results
Based on a recent Gallup poll, Republicans show higher patriotism than Democrats. However, only a marginal increase is seen in the percentage of Americans expressing “extreme pride” in their country, w ... Watch Now.
NBC News Voice Defends Use Of "We're Here, We're Q****, We're Coming For Your Children"
We’re here, we’re queer, we’re coming for your children was a rallying cry during a drag march in New York City, according to NBC News. Although the network insisted that the chant that appeared to be ... Read More.
Disney Scores Major Legal Victory in "Don't Say Gay" Law Battle against Florida Governor; DeSantis Now Wants Trial Delay
With a significant victory in a “Don’t Say Gay” law investor lawsuit, The Walt Disney Company has fired a shot across the bow of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s campaign against the House of Mouse. Disney’ ... Read More.
Costco's Membership Card Crackdown: No More Sharing
According to a company statement provided to FOX Business, the retailer’s crackdown on membership card-sharing involves having customers present their Costco membership card to a staff member when requ ... Watch Now.
Bongino Strikes Back: Debunks Media's Fake News on Restaurant Incident and Threatens to Sue!
Dan Bongino’s podcast on Monday criticized media’s “fake news” regarding the restaurant incident. Bongino advised waiting 24 hours before responding, as he was not forcibly removed from the restaurant. ... Read More.
Seattle Pride: Street Preacher Gets Heckled and Bible Destroyed at Wild and Diverse Event
During Sunday’s Seattle Pride event, a street preacher known as “The Seattle Preacher,” Matthew Meinecke, had his Bible destroyed as he read from it aloud. Attendees heckled him and brandished transgen ... Read More.

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