AI Was Tasked To Create The Perfect Male, Female; Guess What It Came Up With?
The Bulimia Project is an organization that raises awareness about eating disorders; they requested that AI create images of the “perfect” male and female bodies based on what is most popular on social ... Read More.
Memphis Grizzlies Suspend NBA Star AGAIN! No Team Activities After Brandishing Firearm Instagram Post
Ja Morant, a standout for the Memphis Grizzlies, seemed to show a gun in a video on Instagram Live on Saturday night when he was riding with pals. The footage shows Morant dancing with some friends whi ... Read More.
Supreme Court of Montana Rules Nurses Can Continues To Still Help Carry Out Abortions
The highest level of practice Advanced Practice Registered Nurses, often known as APRNs, are registered nurses who have obtained further training, including at least a master’s degree. The plaintiffs s ... Read More.
Not Again! NBA Superstar Once Again Brandishes Firearm Publicly After Being Suspended For Same Action Earlier
One may argue that as Ja Morant continues to act in this way, it gets difficult for his supporters to continue supporting him. He appeared on an Instagram live story. Ja was seen in the video enjoying ... Read More.
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Named As Defendant In Stunning Kidnapping Case
Biggers claims that Dwayne Johnson and Garcia dispatched three men to forcibly evict her from her Tampa, Florida, home. Trenesha Biggers alleges that while imprisoned in a hotel in Miami, Florida, she ... Read More.
Former Olympian Snowboarder And YouTuber Crashes Plane For Clicks; Could Face Jail Time
Jacob notified the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) about the collision two days later. The organization promptly started an inquiry and told Jacob that he was in charge of keeping the wreck ... Read More.
Conservative Podcaster Steve Bannon Swatted During Broadcast - AGAIN!
Steve Bannon said in a later scene, “We were swatted in the midst of the play while I was in the C block in the first hour. I ask my crew, “Hey, can you shut up? I need to focus right now. In fact, we’ ... Read More.
Manhattan DA To Charge Marine Vet For Choking Death of Subway Michael Jackson
Nearly three minutes of footage shows Daniel Penny, 24, on the floor of a subway vehicle as Neely, 30, holds her in a chokehold. According to reports from passengers, Neely displayed unusual behavior o ... Read More.
Tucker Carlson's Team Ready To Play Hardball With Fox News | AXIOS
Axios broke down the significance of Carlson’s demands and attack, writing, “The Twitter move would seem to technically violate Carlson’s contract with Fox, but his lawyers’ letter effectively holds th ... Read More.
California Former Homeless Woman Hits It Big With Lottery Win
The unexpected windfall may also have negative psychological impacts, according to CNBC. Due of the media attention, it may also strain relationships and generate privacy problems. Additionally, owing ... Read More.
Tucker Carlson's Team Readies For War Against Fox News | AXIOS
According to reports, Carlson’s media friends are ready to attack Fox, and organizations like the cable network Newsmax and the video platform Rumble have allegedly promised to pay him even more than F ... Read More.
California Board APPROVES Estimated $800B Reparations Package Proposal
In its first decision, the panel authorized a comprehensive description of historical discrimination against Black Californians in a variety of contexts, including voting, housing, education, dispropor ... Read More.
In A Move To Preserve Company's Health, Burger King To Close 400 Stores
124 Burger Kings have already closed this year, according to a Restaurant Brands International announcement announcing the profits, lowering the total number in the United States to less than 7,000. In ... Read More.
Prominent Liberal Morning DJ Blasts Republican Lt Governor For Not Supporting Reparations
On the Tuesday episode of The Breakfast Club, Charlamagne called the lieutenant governor and 2024 candidate for governor, Robinson, the “Donkey of the Day” due to his previous remarks. He also claimed ... Read More.
HS Student Criticizes Leaders About Allowing Trans Females To Share Bathroom With Females
Megan Simpkins questioned, “Why don’t we ever get to decide whether or not we are OK with this. “The reality is, most of us are not, and yet nothing has been done to ensure these women’s protection. It ... Read More.

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