New Development in Donald Trump Case: Third Defendant Charged with Handling Classified Documents
After the Justice Department initially served a subpoena on Trump for classified documents in May of last year, “De Oliveira was the maintenance worker who helped Nauta move boxes of classified documen ... Read More.
Former President Trump's Legal Team Gets Forewarning of Impending Indictment For Jan 6th
According to speculation, the grand jury in the investigation into the events of January 6 could vote on an indictment as soon as today. After learning that he was a target of Smith’s investigation ear ... Read More.
Unreported Alleged Plummet: McConnell's Face-First Fall on Cancelled Flight
The flight from Washington was unexpectedly canceled just as everyone had boarded. This incident, which occurred on July 14th, has yet to be officially reported. According to an eyewitness on the plane ... Read More.
"Republican Rep. Accuses Speaker McCarthy of Using Biden Impeachment Inquiry as Distraction for Spending Bills"
Conservative House Republican Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) charged Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) on Wednesday with attempting to divert attention away from fiscal conservatives and the general public with an i ... Read More.
Tragic Discovery: Three US Marine Corps Lance Corporals Found Dead Near Camp Lejeune
Tanner Kaltenberg, age 19, of Madison, Wisconsin, Merax Dockery, age 23, of Pottawatomie, Oklahoma, and Ivan Garcia, age 23, a native of Naples, Florida, were the dead Marines. The three lance corporal ... Watch Now.
IRS Implements "Common Sense" Policy to Enhance Taxpayer Security, Limit Unauthorized Home Visits
The purpose of the modification, according to a statement from the agency, is to lessen the possibility that nerve-wracking surprise home visits by tax enforcement agents could get out of hand and enda ... Read More.
Some Republican Leaders Promise MAGA They Will Expunge Trump's Impeachment; Others Call Move False Promise
However, the discussion reached a new level last week when Politico reported that Speaker Kevin McCarthy raced to make amends, in part by promising to vote on expungement before the end of September, a ... Read More.
Law Professors Call for Biden to Challenge "MAGA Justices" Over "Gravely Mistaken" Rulings
In response to what Biden has called “not a normal court” in the wake of high-profile cases, political scientists Aaron Belkin and Mark Tushnet of San Francisco State University and Harvard Law School ... Read More.
Controversial Remarks from Congresswoman: Support Government Truth or Censorship?
On Sunday’s episode of MSNBC’s “The Inside Interview,” Democratic Congresswoman Stacey Plaskett, a non-voting representative from the U.S. Virgin Islands, said the part about keeping quiet aloud. The A ... Read More.
The Warning: Locking Up Donald Trump - A Very Dangerous Idea for Democrats!
During an interview on The Simon Conway Show this week, the topic of Trump’s potential incarceration was brought up. The host asked if Trump had concerns about his supporters maintaining their composur ... Read More.
FBI Allegedly Caught Spying On U.S. Senator
This content highlights Judge Rudolf Contreras’ acknowledgement of the FBI’s consistent breach of the government’s standard. The Court’s determination in October 2018 reveals the erosion of “minimizati ... Read More.
DeSantis Stirs Controversy Doubling Down On Claim: "Some Blacks Benefited from Slavery"
Gov. Ron DeSantis responded to reporters’ inquiries on Friday while addressing a largely White crowd of supporters by saying, “They’re probably going to show that some of the folks that eventually parl ... Read More.
Box Office Sensation 'Sound of Freedom' to Be Screened for Congress: Producer Verástegui
Movie’s producer Eduardo Verástegui expressed the hope that both Democratic and Republican members of Congress would watch this film. He added, “I hope this movie will touch their hearts. ... Read More.
Whistleblower Allegations Sizzle: Hunter Biden's Tax Investigation and Claims of Justice Department Obstruction
Gary Shapley, a 14-year IRS veteran, and an unnamed veteran IRS investigator named Joseph Ziegler faced off against congressional Democrats who presented evidence contradicting their claims. This evide ... Read More.
America First Legal Exposes Department of Justice Violation: Hunter Biden's Unregistered Foreign Agent Work
According to the lawsuit, Hunter Biden was required by law to register as a foreign agent when he worked for “Ukrainian and Chinese principals” during the Obama administration. Even though the FBI took ... Read More.

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