French President Macron Says He Won't Back Action Against China By U.S.
Macron has supported all 10 of the EU’s anti-Russian sanctions measures despite the fact that inflation and rising energy prices are causing internal instability. Since last February, Macron has had nu ... Read More.
GOP Official: If China Attacks Taiwan, Our Military Will Be Ready To Respond
Additionally, the spokesperson argued that since “NATO is not in the Pacific,” speculations about possible American use of force in the Indo-Pacific region act as a “deterrent for peace.” Otherwise, Mc ... Read More.
Saudi Arabia Crown Prince: We No Longer Interested In "Pleasing" The U.S.
Just the other day, Saudi Arabia and other significant oil producers announced a series of unexpected reductions from May through the end of the year, amounting to 1.15 million barrels per day. The pri ... Read More.
Chinese Foreign Minister Claims NATO Is Responsible For Ukraine Crisis | Report
The two countries have become closer over the past year, and after their meeting at the Kremlin last month, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese Premier Xi Jinping pledged to “further deepen mu ... Read More.
Russia Claims Blogger's Death Was Carried Out By Activist Tied To Ukraine
On Monday, the National Anti-Terrorism Committee of Russia declared that jailed suspect Darya Trepova was acting on behalf of Kiev. In a video that was made public by the police, Trepova, 26, acknowled ... Read More.
U.S. Officials Claim China Spy Balloon "Raised Its Speed" After Detection
According to NBC News sources, China was able to control the balloon “such that it could make several passes over some of the sites” it intended to target for electronic signal collection. The operator ... Read More.
Biden Has Chosen Not To Appear With Other World Leaders At King Charles III Coronation
Notwithstanding their claim that his May schedule has not been finalized, sources told The Daily Telegraph that President Joseph Biden “is not expected” to attend the ceremony due to scheduling conflic ... Read More.
International Court Rules U.S. Authorities Took Some Iranian Funds Illegally; State Dept Rebukes Findings
According to US State Department spokeswoman Vedant Patel, “We are unhappy that the Court has ruled that the transfer of assets of additional Iranian organizations and instrumentalities to American vic ... Read More.
BRICS Is Not Only Growing Globally Into A Juggernaut, It's About To Flip The Switch
The kingdom’s finance minister, Mohammed Al-Jadaan, stated at a recent World Economic Forum event that Saudi Arabia is open to trade in currencies other than the U.S. dollar. Saudi Arabia has recently ... Read More.
South Carolina Lawmakers Tell Foreign Land Investors They Aren't Welcome Anymore!
The state won’t make an effort to compel land sales made in the past by foreign companies and individuals. According to reports, the bill was introduced in order to thwart a Chinese company’s intended ... Read More.
Ukraine Reports Thousands Of Soldiers Dead In Battle Of Bakhmut | Politico
The fight of Bakhmut is, indeed, becoming a massive slaughter. The Zelensky dictatorship is more than willing to send thousands of Ukrainian young men to their deaths in order to prove to the Collectiv ... Read More.
Ukraine Foreign Ministry Wants UN To Step In After Russia's Latest Belarus News
The UK, China, the US, and France “have a specific duty” in regards to nuclear aggression, the statement said, adding that Ukraine “expects effective action to confront the Kremlin’s nuclear blackmail. ... Read More.
Former Russian President Gives Green Light To Citizens To Pirate U.S. Movies And Music!!
Medvedev, the deputy head of the Russian Security Council, claimed that as a lawyer, he has always opposed piracy and preferred to overpay for information, even when others pointed out that it can be d ... Read More.
Rockets Hit Another U.S. Base In Syria On Friday Following An Early U.S. Retaliatory Strike
The U.S. has taken “all necessary steps to safeguard our people and will always respond at a time and location of our choosing,” as CENTCOM commander General Michael Kurilla stated after the retaliator ... Read More.
US Military Carries Out Airstrikes in Syria After Drone Attack Kills American Contractor
The head of Central Command, US Army Gen. Michael “Erik” Kurilla, cautioned that American forces could launch additional strikes if necessary. In a statement, Kurilla stated that “we are prepared for s ... Read More.

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