CCP's Global Ambitions: A Congressional Report Reveals its Military Influence Tactics
According to a recent congressional report, China’s communist regime is engaged in a strategy to enhance its own standing and diminish the influence of the United States by providing training and equip ... Read More.
"Gaza: A Graveyard for Children" - UN Chief Urges Urgent Ceasefire as Palestinian Casualties Surpass 10,000
According to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, Gaza is increasingly being referred to as a “graveyard for children.” In light of this, he has urgently called for a ceasefire in the region. Palesti ... Read More.
Israeli Member Disciplined for Nuclear Strike Remark Amidst Escalating Conflict
On Sunday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took disciplinary action against a junior member of his cabinet. The junior member had expressed a level of willingness to consider the possibility of Israe ... Read More.
Hezbollah Launches Rockets at Israel in Retaliation: Woman and Children Killed
On Sunday, Hezbollah claimed responsibility for launching several grad rockets towards the town of Kiryat Shmona in northern Israel. This action was taken in response to an Israeli strike that had occu ... Read More.
US Announces $425M Military Aid Package to Ukraine in Battle Against Russia's Invasion
On Friday, the United States made an announcement regarding a military assistance package for Ukraine. This package, valued at $425 million, includes various resources such as air defense and artillery ... Read More.
Ukraine's Ongoing Conflict with Russia: Challenges and Lack of Success
According to a close advisor of President Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine is currently facing challenges in its conflict with Russia and is not experiencing success. According to a recent report by Time, i ... Read More.
Crackdown on Grieving: The Uncharted Path of Former Premier Li Keqiang Under Xi Jinping's Rule
On Thursday, China will observe the lowering of flags to half-staff as a mark of mourning for the passing of former premier Li Keqiang, who will be cremated. However, Chinese authorities are taking mea ... Read More.
House Republicans Raise Alarms: Millions of Taxpayer Dollars at Risk of Supporting Terrorism
A group of prominent House Republicans have expressed their apprehensions regarding the potential misuse of millions of taxpayer dollars allocated for foreign aid. Their concern lies in the possibility ... Read More.
US Forces Shoot Down Attack Drone Near Military Base, Retaliating Against Increased Attacks in the Region
US forces successfully intercepted and shot down an attack drone near a military base in western Iraq. This occurred after recent US airstrikes on Iranian-backed groups in eastern Syria. The airstrikes ... Read More.
Heartbreaking Discovery: Brave Mother Protects Child as Israeli Army Officer Uncovers Tragic Scene
A senior Israeli army officer discovered a distressing scene in a targeted kibbutz community. He found the tragically decapitated body of a baby and a mother who had valiantly protected her child. This ... Read More.
US Announces $150 Million Military Assistance Package for Ukraine, including Artillery, Ammunition, and Anti-Tank Weapons
On Thursday, the United States made an announcement regarding a military assistance package for Ukraine. This package, valued at $150 million (equivalent to 141 million euros), includes various types o ... Read More.
Israeli Military Reveals: Hamas Attacks Unveil Weapons Sourced from Iran and North Korea!
According to the Israeli military, it has been determined that some of the weapons utilized by Hamas during their attacks on October 7th were produced either in Iran or North Korea. ... Read More.
Israeli PM Takes Charge: Addressing Security Flaws Amidst Hamas Attacks and Gaza Border Breach
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu publicly took responsibility for addressing security flaws following Hamas attacks on October 7. He is determined to investigate and uncover the truth. The statement comes ... Read More.
Israel Faces Mounting International Pressure Amidst Gaza Bombing Campaign: 700 Lives Lost in 24 Hours
Israel is currently under increasing international pressure to reconsider its strategy of conducting a large-scale ground operation in Gaza. The country has been carrying out a relentless bombing campa ... Read More.
Organization of Islamic Cooperation Slams Supporters of Israel for Granting Immunity in Gaza Conflict
The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation criticized the supporters of Israel for providing the country with immunity during its conflict in Gaza. This statement was made on Wednesday, coinciding with US ... Read More.

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