Russia Votes to Abandon Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, Heightening Global Concerns
Summary Russian lawmakers have voted to revoke Moscow’s ratification of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, bringing the country closer to fully abandoning the agreement. The 1996 treaty prohibi ... Read More.
Iran's President Accuses US of Complicity in Recent Israeli "Crimes"
Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi accuses the United States of complicity in recent Israeli “crimes” after a rocket struck a hospital in Gaza. Raisi addressed a crowd in Tehran, echoing the global belief ... Read More.
President Biden Stands with Jewish People, Points Finger at Hamas in Gaza Hospital Blast
During his visit to Israel, President Joe Biden expressed solidarity with the Jewish people and suggested that a party other than the Israeli military likely caused the tragic explosion at a Gaza Strip ... Read More.
Biden Plans $100B Package for Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan & Border Crisis Amidst House Deadlock
US President Joe Biden is reportedly planning to request a $100 billion package from Congress to support Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan, and address the US-Mexico border migration crisis. The request from the ... Read More.
US Accuses China of Dangerous Air Force Maneuvers in International Space
In a recent development, the United States has made a serious allegation against China. The US government has accused China of engaging in a deliberate and coordinated series of air force maneuvers tha ... Watch Now.
Israeli Airstrike Claims Hamas Commander's Life: Third Target of Ongoing Conflict
On Tuesday, a top Hamas commander in the central Gaza Strip was killed by an Israeli airstrike. This incident marks the third time that Israel has targeted and eliminated a high-ranking member of the P ... Read More.
Iranian Military Commander Vows to Target Israel Until It No Longer Exists: A Disturbing Threat
Senior Iranian military commander, Ali Fadavi, has affirmed Iran’s support for militant groups targeting Israel, vowing to continue until Israel is wiped off the map. Fadavi compared Israel to a “cance ... Read More.
Israeli Military Making Preparations for Gaza Campaign: Anticipations Differ from Ground Offensive
According to an army spokesperson, the Israeli military is making preparations for the upcoming phase of its campaign targeting the Gaza Strip. However, it is important to note that these plans may not ... Read More.
Pentagon Deploys 2,000 Marines and Sailors to Israel's Coast: A Strong 'Show of Force' Amidst Ongoing Conflict
According to unnamed US officials, CNN has reported that the Pentagon has deployed 2,000 Marines and sailors to the waters near Israel’s coast. This deployment is being described as a “show of force” i ... Read More.
Israel Rejects Ukrainian President's Solidarity Visit Amidst Hamas Attack
Israel rejected Ukrainian President Zelensky’s request for a solidarity visit due to the timing and recent Hamas attack. Zelensky may join US Secretary of State Blinken during his visit to Israel to pr ... Read More.
Hamas Spokesperson Defiant: Ready to Face Potential Israeli Ground Invasion of Gaza Strip
Amidst the potential Israeli invasion of Gaza Strip, Hamas’s military wing spokesperson, Abu Obeideh, remains confident and prepared to confront the threat. In a recent announcement, Ezzedine al-Qassam ... Read More.
Putin Seeks Chinese Support: President Putin to Meet Chinese Leader Xi Jinping in Beijing
Russian President Vladimir Putin is set to meet with Chinese leader Xi Jinping in Beijing following Moscow’s isolation due to the Ukraine military offensive. Putin has been increasingly dependent on Be ... Read More.
Abbas Condemns Forced Gaza Displacement in Phone Call with Biden; Pledge for Humanitarian Aid in Efforts
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas expressed strong opposition to the forced displacement of Gaza residents in a recent call with US President Joe Biden. President Biden pledged assistance f ... Read More.
Gaza Ground Operation Postponed: Israel Faces Challenges and Expensive Delays due to Weather
Israel has delayed its planned ground operation against Hamas in Gaza, citing unfavorable weather conditions. The Israeli military is expected to face challenges and expenses due to the scale of the in ... Read More.
US Concerns: Escalating Israel-Hamas Conflict, Iran's Involvement, and Emergence of New Conflict Zone
The United States has expressed concerns about the escalating conflict between Israel and Hamas, as well as the possibility of Iran’s involvement. Jake Sullivan, the White House National Security Advis ... Read More.

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