US Senators Push for Sweden's NATO Entry During Budapest Visit, Hungarian Officials Decline Meeting
On Sunday, a group of US senators from both parties paid a formal visit to Budapest and urged the nationalist administration to grant Sweden’s bid to join NATO right away. Of the 31 members of NATO, Hu ... Read More.
US Vice President Harris Pledges Support For Ukraine Until Achieving Lasting Peace With Russia
President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine received a pledge from Vice President Kamala Harris that the US would back his nation until it could “achieve a fair and enduring peace” with Russia. ... Read More.
Biden Points Finger at Congress for Ukrainian City's Fall
President Biden attributes the fall of an eastern Ukrainian city to Congress’s failure to authorize military aid, resulting in significant gains for Russia. ... Watch Now.
Putin Disappointed: Tucker Carlson's "Softball" Interview Leaves Russian President Unimpressed
Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed his dissatisfaction on Wednesday regarding Tucker Carlson’s interview with him, claiming that Carlson asked him easy questions. ... Watch Now.
NATO Chief Raises Alarm over Trump's Russia Stance: Nations and Troops at Risk
NATO chief criticizes Trump’s remarks on allies’ defense spending. Former US president questions NATO members’ contribution. ... Read More.
Scandalous Resignation: First Female President of Hungary Steps Down Amid Controversial Pardon
Amid public uproar over a pardon she gave to an accomplice in a case of child sexual abuse, Hungary’s president resigned. This action caused an unprecedented political crisis for the long-serving natio ... Watch Now.
Netanyahu's Urgent Evacuation Plan: Clearing Packed Gaza City as Israeli Military Prepares for Assault
Israeli Prime Minister orders military to plan evacuation strategy for southern Gaza city ahead of anticipated assault. Strong international opposition mounts against Israel’s ground troop deployment. ... Read More.
Tucker Carlson's Interview with Putin: Potential EU Bans Looming, Says Newsweek
Newsweek stated on Wednesday that American journalist Tucker Carlson, who had an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin, may face bans from entering the EU, citing two current and one former M ... Read More.
Netanyahu Slams Hamas' 'Delusional' Ceasefire Demands; Confident of 'Absolute Victory'
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dismisses Hamas’ cease-fire demands as “delusional,” making compromise challenging. Netanyahu vows to continue fighting until “total triumph” in the ongoing co ... Read More.
US Drone Strike Eliminates Militia Commander in Baghdad, Dealing a Decisive Blow to Attacks on US Forces
In retaliation for assaults on US forces, including one that claimed the lives of three servicemen in Jordan last month, the US military claims to have killed a significant leader of a militia supporte ... Read More.
Putin's Press Secretary Corrects Tucker Carlson's Assertion That No Other Western Journalist Bothered To Interview Russian Leader
Tucker Carlson’s unfounded assertion that no Western journalists had attempted to interview Vladimir Putin has essentially resulted in the Russian President’s press secretary calling Carlson a liar. ... Read More.
White House Denies Biden Administration's Interference in Tucker Carlson's Meeting with Putin
White House news Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre called claims that US President Joe Biden’s administration attempted to prevent journalist Tucker Carlson from meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin “ri ... Read More.
Kenyan Cult Leader Charged with Mass Murder: 429 Lives Lost, Including 191 Children
Paul Mackenzie, the head of a Kenyan cult, is accused of killing 429 people, including 191 children, the corpses of whom were discovered buried in a jungle. He was already facing charges of torture, ch ... Watch Now.
Journalistic Obligation and Love for the US: Tucker Carlson's Stand on Interviewing Putin
Tucker Carlson says he would interview Putin out of journalistic obligation and love for the US. “Our task. Our field is journalism. Our job is to inform,” Carlson stated in an X video. Most Americans ... Read More.
UNRWA Controversy: UN Forms Impartial Team to Investigate Hamas Allegations
Following claims by Israel that certain UNRWA employees were complicit in Hamas’ October 7 killings in southern Israel, the UN on Monday announced the appointment of an impartial team to evaluate the P ... Watch Now.

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