King Charles III Receives Cancer Diagnosis: Palace Keeps Details Under Wraps
According to Buckingham Palace, King Charles III has received a cancer diagnosis and has started treatment. According to the AP, the palace declined to disclose the kind of cancer the 75-year-old queen ... Watch Now.
Nayib Bukele: The 'World's Coolest Dictator' Easily Wins Reelection After Arresting 1% of Nation
El Salvador voters seemed to have awarded Nayib Bukele a second term as president, setting him up for a resounding win in a contest that for many was about accepting less civil freedoms in exchange for ... Read More.
Tensions Escalate: Iran's Warning to US on Striking Cargo Ships
Iran warns of potential strikes on cargo ships in the Middle East, believed to be Iranian commandos’ bases. US and UK bombings against Houthi rebels in Yemen prompt this announcement. Stay updated on t ... Read More.
US Faces Criticism and Support After Retaliatory Strikes: Tensions Rise in the Middle East
Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Nasser Kanaani said in a statement that “last night’s strike on Syria and Iraq is an ambitious move and another strategic miscalculation by the US administration, w ... Watch Now.
U.S. Retaliates Against Iran-Supported Terrorists: Strikes Launched in Syria and Iraq
Attacks last week that claimed the lives of three U.S. military personnel are the reason for the United States’ decision to launch a retaliatory strike against terrorists in Syria and Iraq who get supp ... Read More.
Bodies Of Military Personnel Killed In Jordan Drone Attack To Be Flown To Dover AFB; Biden To Attend Ceremony
On Friday, President Joe Biden will be involved in the repatriation of the remains of three American soldiers who tragically lost their lives in a drone attack at a base in Jordan. The attack has been ... Read More.
Greta Thunberg's Trial Begins: Climate Activist Faces Charges for Challenging Oil and Gas Conference
Greta Thunberg’s trial begins after she led a demonstration blocking entry to a major oil and gas conference in London. Get the latest on the climate activist’s legal proceedings and the impact of her ... Read More.
Republicans Demands Revenge: American Military Personnel Killed in Drone Attack, Blames Iran
The U.S. accuses Iran-backed fighters of attacking American personnel and opposing Israel. The White House supports Israel against Hamas but tries to contain the conflict to avoid a wider Middle East w ... Read More.
$15 Million Reward for Arrest of Iranian Businessman Linked to Drone Technology Sales
American officials offer a $15 million reward for info on Iranian businessman Hossein Hatefi Ardakani, suspected of aiding in the sale of attack drone technology to Russia. ... Read More.
Netanyahu vs. Biden: Clash Over Gaza and Two-State Solution
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tests President Joe Biden’s patience as airstrikes on Gaza continue. Biden calls for restraint, humanitarian aid, and a two-state solution, but Netanyahu rejec ... Read More.
CCP's Military Maneuvers Near Taiwan Coincide with Diplomatic Talks to Restore U.S.-China Ties
On Friday, the CCP sent many military planes and naval vessels towards Taiwan, coinciding with a low-key summit between Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and U.S. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan ... Watch Now.
Attack on Iraq Airbase Leaves US Troops and Iraqi Security Forces Injured: Reports
According to US and Iraqi sources, an assault on a US-led coalition force facility in western Iraq occurred on Saturday, injuring one Iraqi security force member severely and several US personnel sligh ... Read More.
US Launches Fourth Round of Airstrikes on Houthi Targets in Yemen, Foiling Missile Attacks
The United States launches multiple airstrikes on Houthi targets in Yemen, preventing missile launches and retaliating against attacks on an American-owned commercial vessel. Stay updated with the late ... Watch Now.
Missiles Strike Near U.S. Embassy in Irbil: Iran Retaliates Against "Spy Headquarters"
Missiles strike near U.S. embassy in Irbil, Iraq. Iran claims retaliation against “spy headquarters” and “anti-Iranian terrorist groups.” Four civilians killed, six injured. ... Read More.
Yemen's Houthi Rebels Strike Again: US-Owned Ship Damaged in Gulf of Aden
Yemen’s Houthi rebels launch missile attacks on American warships in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden. Suspicions point to Iranian-backed Houthis, despite their denial. Stay updated on the latest developme ... Watch Now.

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