Memphis Shooting Suspect In Custody; 4 killed, 3 wounded; Posted Videos On Facebook
Police here say a man who drove about the city shooting at people, killing four, during an hourslong spree that led scared locals to hide in place Wednesday has been caught. Ezekiel Kelly, 19, who was ... Read More.
Ocasio-Cortez Claims America Hates Women And Would Never Elect One As President
A lot of people in this country “hate women” and “would never let it happen,” according to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, therefore it’s highly improbable that she’ll be elected president. In an extens ... Read More.
Judge Rules Trump Ally Can’t Seek Any Political Office For The Rest Of His Life
After being found guilty of a misdemeanor in connection with the Capitol intrusion on January 6, 2021, a county commissioner in New Mexico will soon be subject to a punishment designed for former Confe ... Read More.
Steve Bannon Turns Legal Situation Into Rallying Cry For Midterm Elections
Tuesday night, after learning that Steve Bannon will soon be charged in New York for his alleged participation in scamming We Build the Wall charity donors, the former Trump White House advisor issued ... Read More.
Putin Says He Would Start Nord Stream Tomorrow, But He Wants Something In Return
Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, stated on Wednesday that Gazprom might begin gas shipments to Europe through the crucial Nord Stream 1 pipeline tomorrow provided it receives the required turbi ... Read More.
Rumors: Senate Republicans Starting To Get Antsy Over Midterms Takeover
Two months before election day, Republicans are playing the victim card as they see their odds of retaking control of the Senate decline. NOTE: During my podcast – Wayne Dupree Podcast, we have been sp ... Read More.
Fetterman Not Only Has Dr. Oz To Worry About, PA Newspapers Are Starting To Question His Health
The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Editorial Board stated on Tuesday that it “has serious concerns” about whether Democratic Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, who is recovering from a May stroke, will be physically ab ... Read More.
WH Attempts To Defend Biden’s Attacks On Republicans Continue To Fail
Tuesday, the White House made an effort to explain and retract President Joe Biden’s repeated criticism of Republicans who backed the late President Donald Trump. When he discussed MAGA Republicans, Ul ... Read More.
Rumors: Hillary Clinton Reveals Her Future In American Politics
Hillary Clinton, a former secretary of state and Democratic candidate for president, declared on Tuesday that she would not run for office again. When asked if she would ever run for president again by ... Read More.
Top Republican Claims Joe Biden Using Government To Shield Son, Hunter, from Investigation
Is Joe Biden abusing the system to protect his son Hunter from legal repercussions? According to a letter from the top Republican on the House of Representatives Oversight and Reform Committee, this is ... Read More.
62 Days Out: Republicans Still Look Strong For Huge Gains In Congress
Despite Democratic gains during the summer, Republicans are still on course to retake control of the House, according to Politico. On Tuesday, Politico reported the GOP only needs to pick up five seats ... Read More.
Lindsey Graham Doubles Down On “Obvious” Violence Rhetoric If Trump Is Charged
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) justified his recent threat of “riots in the streets” if former President Trump is charged with mishandling confidential information on Saturday. Graham told CNBC’s Steve S ... Read More.
Trump Claims Fox News Is Pushing Dems Agenda; Offers To Help CNN’s Transformation
Fox News has been accused by former President Donald Trump of “pushing the Democrats and the Democrat agenda,” and Trump has promised to assist CNN in becoming more conservative so that it may compete ... Read More.
FL Judge Hands Donald Trump Legal Victory Against DOJ
Former President Donald Trump won a significant legal victory on Monday when a federal judge in Florida approved his request for a special master to examine the records that the Justice Department had ... Read More.
Report: ABC, CBS, and NBC Refused To Broadcast Biden’s Thursday Night Speech For Good Reason!!
The Washington Post reported on Friday that President Joe Biden‘s statements from last Thursday were rejected by ABC, CBS, and NBC because they were thought to be too “political.” The Post also said th ... Read More.

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