Taiwan Elections Matter To The World And Here's Why!!
Taiwan’s voters will cast their ballots on Saturday in a presidential election that has the potential to have significant implications beyond its borders. The reverberations will be influenced by the i ... Watch Now.
Stronger Sino-Russian Relations: CCP President Xi Jinping's New Year's Greetings with Vladimir Putin
During his New Year’s greetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Sunday that the basis of Sino-Russian relations had become stronger in 2023, according to off ... Watch Now.
China's President Xi Jinping Signals Intent to Reunify Taiwan with Mainland China: U.S. Officials
According to three current and former U.S. officials, Chinese President Xi Jinping straightforwardly informed President Joe Biden during their recent visit in San Francisco that Beijing intends to brin ... Read More.
Ukraine's Bold Claim: New York Times in Kremlin's Pocket?
Russian secret services allegedly hire New York Times journalists covering the Russia-Ukraine conflict, according to Kiev’s information warfare agency. The state-run Center for Countering Disinformatio ... Read More.
Iran Vows To Seek Retribution After Senior General's Killing: Israel Braces for Consequences
Following the reported killing of a senior general in Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps by Israel in Syria on Monday, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi expressed his determination to seek retribut ... Read More.
Biden Orders Strikes in Iraq After Attack on Erbil Air Base: Militia Group Supported by Iran Suspected
Following an attack on Erbil Air Base in Iraq, where three U.S. service members were wounded, one critically, President Biden made the decision to order strikes on three locations in Iraq. The attack o ... Read More.
European Culture at Risk? Former Polish Prime Minister Expresses Concern Over Influx of Muslim Migrants
According to a statement made by Poland’s former prime minister, there is concern that the influx of Muslim migrants from Africa and the Middle East is having a detrimental impact on European culture, ... Read More.
Putin Challenger Hits Roadblock as Nomination Rejected by Election Commission
On Saturday, a Russian politician advocating for peace in Ukraine encountered a setback in her campaign. The Central Election Commission of Russia declined to accept her initial nomination, which was s ... Watch Now.
China's Military: Blending Minds and Warfare - A Report on Cognitive Warfare and Brain-Influencing Weapons
According to a report on People’s Liberation Army cognitive warfare, China’s military is currently engaged in the development of sophisticated psychological warfare and brain-influencing weapons. These ... Read More.
Netanyahu's Speech: Mourning and Reflections on Tragic Loss of Israeli Hostages
Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered his first speech following the tragic news of three Israeli hostages being killed in Gaza by Israeli forces. During his address, Netanyahu expressed ... Read More.
Senate Republicans Block Aid Bill for Ukraine and Israel Due to Border Security Provisions
On Wednesday, Senate Republicans prevented the passage of a bill aimed at offering assistance to Ukraine and Israel. The reason behind their opposition was the absence of provisions related to border s ... Read More.
White House Budget Chief Warns Congress: Funding Ukraine is Crucial for Battlefield Success
The White House budget chief issued a warning to the US Congress on Monday regarding the potential consequences of not providing additional funds for Ukraine before the year ends. It was emphasized tha ... Read More.
Elon Musk's Visit to Israel: Exploring Ancient Remains with Prime Minister Netanyahu
On Monday, Elon Musk, the renowned billionaire businessman and investor, paid a visit to Israel. During his trip, he had the opportunity to explore the ancient remains of Kibbutz Kfar Aza alongside Pri ... Watch Now.
Biden Administration Pledges $100 Million Humanitarian Aid Amid Israel-Hamas Conflict; Will Hamas Intercept?
In response to the crises caused by the conflict between Israel and Hamas, the Biden administration—which had a role in facilitating the shipment—has promised $100 million in humanitarian aid to the Pa ... Read More.
Missiles Launched from Yemen Target U.S. Navy Warship in Gulf of Aden
Late on Sunday, the Pentagon reported that two ballistic missiles were launched from areas in Yemen under Houthi control. These missiles were aimed towards a U.S. Navy warship that was in the process o ... Watch Now.

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