Dem Rep Drops Truth Bomb About The Border Crisis; ‘It’s Not Closed’
During an appearance on Fox News on Friday afternoon, Texas Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar attacked the Biden administration for its handling of the border problem. “When they claim the border is closed ... Read More.
Kamala Harris Sews Doubt About Direction Of Supreme Court To American Voters
On Friday, Vice President Kamala Harris expressed her concern about the “integrity” of the Supreme Court in light of the decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. In an interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press,” H ... Read More.
OAN Makes Decision To Move To Streaming Services To Continue Providing Information To Audience
After a protracted pressure campaign, One America News’ major pay television distributors Verizon and DirectTV withdrew it earlier this year. However, the extreme right-wing network continues to draw v ... Read More.
King Charles III Praises His Mother, Promotes Son William and Mentions Other Son Harry In Heartfelt Speech
Despite the turmoil surrounding the couple’s criticism and choice to quit the Royal Family, King Charles III mentioned Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in his first statement following the passing of Que ... Read More.
Federal Judge Tosses Donald Trump Lawsuit Against Hillary Clinton; Legal Team To Immediately Appeal
Former President Donald Trump’s extensive lawsuit asserting that Hillary Clinton, the Democratic National Committee, and several other parties colluded to create a false narrative of Trump’s campaign’s ... Read More.
Council Member Claims Texas And Arizona Governors Turned DC Into A Border Town
The governors of Texas and Arizona are to responsible for the public migrant emergency in the city, according to Brianne Nadeau, a member of the District of Columbia Council. She and Washington Mayor M ... Read More.
New iPhone 14 Design Comes Under Fire By Steve Jobs Daughter!
The new iPhone 14 has come under fire from Steve Jobs’ daughter after she published a meme alleging that it is identical to the previous generation. Apple revealed its new iPhone 14 line on Wednesday. ... Read More.
Two Cobb County Deputies Killed In Line Of Duty While Attempting To Serve Warrant
Authorities said that two suspects were in custody after the deaths of two officers on Thursday night when they were executing a warrant in a suburb close to Atlanta. Initially, the Cobb County Sheriff ... Read More.
Biden’s DHS Replaces Trump’s Policy On Illegal Immigrants And Welfare Usage; Easier To Get Approval!!
A policy from the Trump administration that would have been even stiffer has been replaced by one that Homeland Security revealed on Thursday. The new “public charge” law, which penalizes immigrants fo ... Read More.
DC Mayor Declares National Emergency After Texas Governor Sends ‘Migrants” To Her Sanctuary City
Since April, more than 9,000 asylum seekers have entered the district, prompting Washington, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser to designate the busing of migrants to the capital a national emergency on Thursday. ... Read More.
Once Again Biden Goes After Republicans for Midterms; This Time He Banking On The Women’s Vote
At a DNC event on Thursday night, President Joe Biden delivered a stirring address in which he chastised Republicans for their “extreme” stances against abortion. After the Michigan Supreme Court deter ... Read More.
Bannon Pleads Not Guilty, Released Without Bond; “All of it is bull****”
In a state-level relaunch of a federal case that resulted in a presidential pardon last year, longtime associate of former President Donald Trump Steve Bannon pleaded not guilty on Thursday to defraudi ... Read More.
Not Sure How To Cancel Your Netflix Subscription? Check Out These Quick Tips
Have you found yourself too busy to watch Netflix anymore? Do you like socializing with friends and family over binge-watching Netflix? Are you tired of seeing material shoved in your face that flies i ... Read More.
Do You Have An iPad And Use It Every Day? You’re Going To Need This Advice!
It does not matter which web browser you use on your iPad; the device will record all of your search queries as well as the websites that you visit. This log is generally referred to as a person’s brow ... Read More.
Memphis Shooting Suspect In Custody; 4 killed, 3 wounded; Posted Videos On Facebook
Police here say a man who drove about the city shooting at people, killing four, during an hourslong spree that led scared locals to hide in place Wednesday has been caught. Ezekiel Kelly, 19, who was ... Read More.

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