Ron DeSantis' Ambitious Presidential Campaign: A $168 Million Gamble
Discover the high-stakes and costly campaign to position Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as the Republican candidate for the White House. Learn about the massive political operation and the millions of d ... Read More.
Teen Swatter Extradited to Florida: California Juvenile Faces Felony Charges for Mosque Swatting Scam
Read about the arrest of a 17-year-old in California accused of bomb threats and swatting offenses. The suspect was extradited to Florida and now faces felony charges related to a mosque swatting incid ... Read More.
Oregon Supreme Court Rules: Ten Republican Senators Blocked from Seeking Re-election!
Ten Republican state senators from Oregon who organized a record-breaking walkout last year to block legislation pertaining to abortion, transgender health care, and gun rights are not eligible to seek ... Watch Now.
FBI and Cybersecurity Agency Thwart Chinese Government's Infrastructure Attacks, Warn of Growing Infiltration Threat
FBI & Cybersecurity leaders discuss successful prevention of Chinese government’s attempts to compromise US infrastructure. Caution raised on Beijing’s adeptness at infiltration, highlighting potential ... Read More.
Trucking Convoy on a Mission: Uniting 700,000 Americans in Peaceful Protest at the Southern Border
The southern border is the objective of a trucking convoy that is moving across the United States in search of individuals who are protesting the large number of illegal immigrants entering the country ... Watch Now.
Quinnipiac University: Biden Leads Trump by 6 Points in Potential General Election Clash; Female Voters Huge Difference
New national survey shows Joe Biden with a 6-point lead over Donald Trump in potential general election. Significant change from previous poll results. ... Read More.
Republican-Led House Approves Bipartisan Bill to Boost Investment Deductions and Expand Child Tax Credit
The House approves a bipartisan package extending investment deductions and raising child tax credit. H.R. 7024, the $78 billion Tax Relief for American Families and Workers Act, receives overwhelming ... Watch Now.
Gisele, Wife of PA Senator John Fetterman, Takes Social Media Hiatus Amid Online Abuse
Gisele, the wife of Pennsylvania U.S. Senator John Fetterman, has been avoiding social media after receiving abuse from online trolls for her husband’s opinions on the Israel-Hamas conflict and other c ... Read More.
Miraculous Rescue: Woman Saved from 4 Trash Compactor Runs During Dumpster Mishap
A lady is rescued from a trash truck after falling into a dumpster while discarding her trash. Camera footage and nearby residents’ help come to her aid. ... Watch Now.
Nikki Haley Asserts Texas' Freedom to Secede: "We Have a Nation to Preserve"
Nikki Haley discusses secession and Texas’ freedom to leave the nation. Republican presidential contender’s campaign slogan is “We have a nation to preserve.” Remarks made during an interview on “The B ... Read More.
Mississippi Man Charged with Hate Crimes for Destroying Satanic Temple Statue
Mississippi man charged with hate crimes for destroying pagan deity statue in Iowa. Republican governors criticize the action. Michael Cassidy faces fourth-degree criminal mischief charge. Details on t ... Watch Now.
Tech Titans Grilled on Child Safety: Meta, TikTok, X, Snap, and Discord Face Lawmakers
Leading social media executives, including Mark Zuckerberg, Linda Yaccarino, and Evan Spiegel, testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee on child safety and exploitation. ... Watch Now.
Deal Reached in Georgia Election Interference Case Against Former President Trump: Divorce Drama Diverted!
The special prosecutor in the Georgia election interference case against former president Trump reached a preliminary deal in his divorce proceedings on the eve of the scheduled hearing, eliminating th ... Read More.
Cori Bush Refutes Misuse of Government Funds Allegations, Blames "Right-Wing Groups"
Rep. Cori Bush denies allegations of misusing government funds for personal protection, blaming “right-wing groups.” Stay updated on the US Justice Department probe. ... Read More.
Foiled Plot: Hells Angels, Iranian Defector, and a Global Assassination Network
Hells Angels gang members, an Iranian defector, and his partner were allegedly involved in a foiled plot targeting Iranian dissidents globally. Learn more about the accusations and the alleged “assassi ... Read More.

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