Record-breaking Surge In December: Border Patrol Sees Unprecedented Influx of Illegal Migrants
According to internal federal statistics obtained by CBS News, the Border Patrol has experienced a significant increase in the number of migrants who entered the United States illegally in December. Th ... Read More.
Republican Governor Vetoes Bill Banning Gender-Reassignment Treatment for Minors and Transgender Participation in Female Sports
On Friday, Governor Mike DeWine, a Republican, exercised his veto power to reject a bill that aimed to prohibit gender-reassignment treatment for minors and prevent transgender women and girls from par ... Watch Now.
Harvard Study Uncovers: Social Media Companies Rake in $11 Billion Targeting American Youth
A recent study conducted by Harvard University revealed that social media companies have generated a significant amount of revenue, specifically $11 billion, through advertising targeted at American yo ... Watch Now.
Florida Officials Resigning Ahead of New Law Mandating Financial Disclosure
The recent implementation of a new rule mandating municipal elected officials to disclose detailed financial information has led many officials to either resign or seriously contemplate doing so before ... Watch Now.
Prepping for New Year's Eve in Times Square: NYPD Braces for Pro-Palestine Protests
On Friday, Mayor Adams and police officials said that although there are no known security risks associated with this weekend’s New Year’s Eve celebration in Times Square, the New York Police Departmen ... Watch Now.
Controversial Dismissal: Wisconsin-La Crosse University Chancellor Fired Over Adult Website Scandal
Chancellor Joe Gow of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse has been terminated from his position due to his involvement in explicit sexual activities with his spouse on well-known adult websites. This ... Watch Now.
Poll Reveals: Majority of American Voters Support Impeachment Inquiry into Joe Biden and Question His Involvement in Son's Business
According to a recent poll, a significant portion of American voters, nearly half, express their support for an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden. Additionally, approximately six out of every ten vote ... Read More.
Chinese Immigration Surges: Record Number Crosses US Southern Border
In November 2023, the Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) reported that they had intercepted a total of 4,797 Chinese nationals on the border between the United States and Mexico in the southwestern region ... Watch Now.
Governor's Operation: Thousands Arrested in Crackdown on Illegal Immigration
Since Governor Greg Abbott authorized an operation aimed at addressing the issue of illegal immigration, law enforcement has made thousands of arrests over the past two years. This operation specifical ... Read More.
Maine Secretary of State Declares: Donald Trump Ineligible for Office Due to Insurrectionist Prohibition
Shenna Bellows, the secretary of state of Maine, revealed a 34-page decision on Thursday that declared Donald Trump unable to run for office. This was an unexpected development. According to Bellows’ d ... Read More.
Colorado Secretary of State Announces: Trump's Ballot Inclusion Hangs in Supreme Court's Hands
On Thursday afternoon, Jena Griswold, the Secretary of State of Colorado, made an announcement stating that Donald Trump will continue to be included on the state’s ballot. However, this will only hold ... Watch Now.
Trump Slams Border Situation and Biden's Response as Migrant Caravan Surges
Ex-President Trump criticized the border situation and the insufficient efforts of the Biden administration the day after Biden’s Secretary of State Antony Blinken met with Mexican President Lopez Obra ... Read More.
Pizza Hut Franchises in California Lay Off 1200 Delivery Drivers in Response to New Minimum Wage Law
The recent announcement from Pizza Hut franchises in California reveals their decision to lay off 1200 delivery drivers. This action is a direct response to the upcoming implementation of a new minimum ... Watch Now.
Bucktown Gas Station Incident: Criminal Shoots Himself, Faces Ten-Year Sentence
After inadvertently shooting himself in the butt inside a Bucktown gas station on July 9, 2022, anti-violence specialist and 19-time convicted criminal Gregory Sherman has just now learnt his fate. The ... Watch Now.
Obama's Former Aide Jennifer Palmieri predicts Biden's 2024 campaign: Doomed for Failure!
Former Obama aide and MSNBC contributor, Jennifer Palmieri, predicts President Joe Biden’s 2024 campaign will be unsuccessful. Amidst election year discussions, Palmieri expresses concerns about the cu ... Read More.

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