MSNBC Doubles Down On Targeting Donald Trump And Possible Low Ratings With New Jen Psaki Show
In other words, she will now look for easy political points to advance the same narrative she promoted under the current administration. Without a certain, if she attempted to have the woke debate with ... Read More.
Philadelphia Reaches Huge $9.25M Settlement With 2020 During George Floyd Protest Victims
A complaint filed on behalf of 343 protestors claimed they had suffered “physical and emotional damage caused by the City’s response to civil unrest and demonstrations,” and the city announced on Monda ... Read More.
WH Reporter Blasts Karine Jean-Pierre For Discrimination; Tense Exchange Leads To Shouting
“By doing what you do, you are disgracing the First Amendment. For seven months now. You have not contacted me. You ignore my communications. I’m saying that’s not appropriate. That’s incorrect, he dec ... Read More.
DEA Declares "Tranq" The Worst Drug Our Nation Has Ever Faced!
One of Tranq’s negative effects is the development of ulcers in various body regions, which might occasionally result in the amputation of fingers or entire limbs. According to some specialists, xylazi ... Read More.
Manhattan Grand Jury Schedules Another Witness; Trump Indictment Could Be Next Week
In the event of an indictment, according to a source close to the former president, “Trump will surrender in Florida and go to New York to be arraigned.” Also, rather than participating in a virtual se ... Read More.
House Republicans Continue Show Support For Donald Trump; Not Able to Fend Off Indictment
The three House Republicans wrote that Bragg’s inquiry “needs legislative scrutiny about how public safety funding authorized by Congress are executed by local law enforcement agencies” and linked it t ... Read More.
Saudi King Invites President of Iran To Riyadh Days After China Brokered Diplomatic Deal
In a historic agreement mediated by Chinese President Xi Jinping, Saudi Arabia and Iran said last week that they will reestablish diplomatic relations and pledge to “non-interfere” in one another’s int ... Read More.
Kremlin Allegedly Tells Officials To Throw Away iPhones By End Of Month
According to the publication, employees were instructed to switch from their iPhones to smartphones with alternative operating systems, such as Android, its Chinese equivalents, or Aurora, an operating ... Read More.
Chris Rock: Arresting Donald Trump Will Only Make Him More Popular
Are you guys going to actually detain Trump? Rock enquired. “Do you realize that this will just increase his popularity? Arresting Tupac is like that. Simply put, he’ll sell more records. Are you a mor ... Read More.
House Oversight Committee DEMANDS Manhattan DA TO Testify About Going After Political Oppoent
On Monday morning, Jordan made an appearance on Fox News’ The Faulkner Focus to discuss the additional demands he has made of Bragg, including requesting documents related to the investigation into Tru ... Read More.
WH Says No Russia-Ukraine Cease Fire Led By China Will Be Acceptable
John Kirby, the National Security Council’s strategic communications coordinator, argued that such a cessation of hostilities would not be the positive development it may seem to be just one week after ... Read More.
Newsguard Needs To Be Investigated For Defaming And Crippling Conservative Websites
Facebook, advertisers, and platform policymakers use NewsGuard to determine which websites are good and bad based on their biased analysis. They claim they know what is best for news and opinions and c ... Read More.
Republicans Can't Win Anything in 2024 Without Independents
Republicans will not only need to nominate a presidential candidate who can prevail in the key states of Georgia, Arizona, and Wisconsin if they want to avoid a repetition of the elections in 2010, 201 ... Read More.
Board Removes Head Librarian After Mistreatment Of Kirk Cameron During Reading Event
The director apparently expressed concern to the publishing house working with Cameron on the book that it was bringing a movement to his library, along with all of the other things that go along with ... Read More.
Cohen Seems Jealous MAGA Didn't Support Him When He Was Going Through Litigation; Where Was My Support?
While they were doing it to me, where was the outrage? They were silent, I guess. They are now in a panic because their supreme leader appears to be going to have some significant problems. ... Read More.

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