Trump: "We Do Have To Do Something About Mitch McConnell"
“We do have to do something about Mitch McConnell,” Trump said in Davenport to applause. “He’s awful. His 10 men do whatever Biden wants. Something’s happening. ... Read More.
Trump Returns To Iowa To Kickoff Campaign 2024
Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds introduced the former president at the Adler Theater in downtown Davenport. She said Trump never abandoned middle America. “He delivered for Iowa,” she said. ... Read More.
House Oversight Committee Wants Hunter's Bank Records NOW!
“These documents deepen our understanding of various areas of concern and have created new lines of investigation regarding the Biden family’s business strategies,” a House Oversight Committee represen ... Read More.
Trump Attorney Says Client Not Participating In Manhattan District Attorney's Probe
Trump attorney Joe Tacopina wrote to New York City Department of Investigation Commissioner Jocelyn Strauber on Monday, “He won’t be participating in that proceeding—a proceeding that we and most elect ... Read More.
DeSantis Not Worried About Trump Attacks; I Have Legislative Achievements!
He said people can make fun of you if you’re successful, but it won’t matter. We’ve accomplished a lot, but the best is yet to come. ... Read More.
Based On A Rumor, Thousands Try To Forcefully Cross Our Southern Border: REPORT
On Sunday, hundreds of people tried to rush the US-Mexico border after hearing migrants would be allowed in. A large number of Venezuelans gathered around the bridge’s entrance around noon. ... Read More.
If It Walks Like A Bail Out And Smells Like A Bail Out, It's A Bail Out
The government shouldn’t be in the business of rewarding this conceit and folly on the part of these entrepreneurs since they either knew or should have recognized the dangers they were incurring. ... Read More.
From No Government Bailout To Bailout Approval; Silicon Valley Bank To Survive Massive Crisis
After meeting with the President and accepting a recommendation from the FDIC and Federal Reserve boards, Secretary Yellen authorized the FDIC to completely protect depositors in its resolution of Sili ... Read More.
Pence Targets Trump, Carlson At Gridiron Dinner; Praises Media
Pence boldly blasted Trump, saying he was not fearful for himself but angry at him for the disgusting remarks his former campaign mate made throughout the day, including threats on Pence and images of ... Read More.
"Prosecute Me For What? Republicans Have Gone Off The Deep End" Says Dr. Fauci
“That’s the unfortunate thing,” he added. “They’re talking nonsense. It’s bad when people take it seriously and take it out on you and your family.” ... Read More.
Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Rules Out SVB Financial Group Bailout
According to reports on Friday, the receiver, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), tried to find another bank to consolidate with Silicon Valley Bank over the weekend. ... Read More.
Mom Abandoned Kids For Weeks; So Why Is She Smiling?
“I don’t know if she was playing a part or whatever it is, but she, I think, was playing for the camera. She wanted to have a smile. She wanted to look good. The arresting officer reportedly said she a ... Read More.
Power Dynamics Redrawn? China Negotiates Deal Between Saudi Arabia And Iran
One observer says China’s achievement dwarfs President Biden’s. “We have no relations,” said Amy Hawthorne of the Washington-based NGO Initiative on Middle East Democracy. ... Read More.
Gorka, Bolling Deliver Brutal Truth Abut Tucker Carlson's "Hate" For Donald Trump
Eric Bolling of Newsmax and former Trump aide Seb Gorka criticized Tucker Carlson for his Trump-critical text texts. ... Read More.
Alec Baldwin's Legal Team Tells Judge The Actor Wants His Day In Court
“At today’s status hearing, the defense unexpectedly claimed the state damaged the pistol. This may allude to the FBI’s July 2022 weapons testing report, which indicates that functionality testing dama ... Read More.

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