J6 Prison Choir Featuring Donald Trump Remains At Top Of iTunes Top Song Chart
The J6 Prison Choir is made up of inmates who were convicted of rioting and assaulting the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, which the House Select Committee called a “attempted coup” on the US government ... Read More.
WH Pressures TikTok Owners To Sell Company Shares Or Face Nationwide Ban
According to TikTok, worldwide investors control 60% of ByteDance, employees 20%, and the founders 20%. As is customary in the technology business, the founders’ shares have disproportionate voting rig ... Read More.
DeSantis Hit With State Ethics Violation; "Running Shadow Campaign"
Trump’s friends say DeSantis ran a “shadow presidential campaign” and broke state election and ethics laws. DeSantis hasn’t commented on a presidential run since November, when Trump entered the race. ... Read More.
Saudi Arabian Energy Minister: We Won't Sell Oil To Anyone That Caps Prices
In an interview with “Energy Intelligence,” Prince Abdulaziz emphasized the multiplicity of factors that affect market sentiment, and he said that expansion of the global economy is expected to persist ... Read More.
Dems, Once Again, Reject Participating In Border Crisis Hearing; Claim It's Being Done For Show
In recent months, the southern border has experienced a dramatic increase in the number of people trying to cross illegally. Since Vice President Joseph Biden took office, there have been an estimated ... Read More.
Silicon Valley Bank Donor Recipients Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters To Give Gains To Charities
SVB CEO contributed Schumer $5,800 in June 2021, to the FEC. Open Secrets, a non-profit that tracks campaign donations, says the bank’s PAC donated Schumer $2,700 in 2016. On Tuesday, Politico reported ... Read More.
Feds Were Looking Into Signature Bank's Crypto Client Business Dealings Before Collapse: REPORT
Sources tell us that the Government is also interested in learning how thoroughly Signature screened new account applicants and recorded transactions that triggered red lights as possible money launder ... Read More.
Biden To Republicans: Instead Of Defunding The FBI, How About Passing My Budget
Biden said his budget last week included expanding mental health treatment for gun violence victims. Our MAGA Republican allies want Congress to reduce these programs, eliminate the FBI, and starve the ... Read More.
Russia Denies U.S. Account Of Drone Incident; Claims American UAV Had Turned Off Transponder
The UAV, without a functioning transponder and in blatant violation of the parameters established for the performance of the special military operation, was headed straight for the Russian border, the ... Read More.
Nikki Haley: DeSantis Is Copying Trump's Ukraine Position
First in terms of demeanor, then in terms of entitlement reform, and most recently in terms of Ukraine, President Trump is correct in his assessment that Governor DeSantis is trying to emulate him. The ... Read More.
Federal Authorities Have Opened Up Investigation Into Silicon Valley Bank Debacle
Perhaps no allegations of wrongdoing will be made at all. But, the Journal and the New York Times report that regulators will investigate executive stock transactions by CEO Gregory Becker and CFO Dani ... Read More.
Maybe Biden Should Start Targeting The Cartels At The Border, Instead Of Funding Ukraine?
Narcotics are crossing the border at an unprecedented rate, and cartel activity is almost entirely to blame for the U.S. drug overdose issue, which is predominantly a fentanyl crisis. The number of dea ... Read More.
Silicon Valley Bank Wasn't The Start, It's Part Of The House of Cards Crumbling
Where did SVB, as well as the broader banking sector, receive the money to bolster their portfolios with these debt holdings? In other words, stimulus payments. Billions poured in and needed to be stas ... Read More.
Trump: "We Do Have To Do Something About Mitch McConnell"
“We do have to do something about Mitch McConnell,” Trump said in Davenport to applause. “He’s awful. His 10 men do whatever Biden wants. Something’s happening. ... Read More.
Trump Returns To Iowa To Kickoff Campaign 2024
Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds introduced the former president at the Adler Theater in downtown Davenport. She said Trump never abandoned middle America. “He delivered for Iowa,” she said. ... Read More.

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