One Of America's Favorite Actors Says He's Open To Joining Successful Yellowstone TV Show
Reeves has starred in action films like “John Wick” and “The Matrix,” so he wouldn’t hesitate to avenge the Dutton property. No one knows what will happen to “Yellowstone” again. Except for Taylor Sher ... Read More.
McCarthy Tells Media He Doesn't Regret Giving J6 Tapes To Tucker Carlson
The Hill reported that McCarthy said “No” when asked if he regretted his action. “I started with transparency. As stated, I wanted to make something for everyone “McCarthy said. It may be viewed by the ... Read More.
Biden To Detain Illegal Border Families, Reversing Own Policy
Detaining families ended in late 2021. Homeland Security expects a border migration spike after COVID-19 limits are revealed in May. Authorities said detention is one of numerous options. ... Read More.
Fox News Big Chief Murdoch Says Election Wasn't Stolen - Under Oath
Dominion Voting Systems attorneys questioned Murdoch under oath in January about whether the 2020 presidential election was fair. “Yes,” the transcript says. “The election was not stolen,” he said late ... Read More.
Capitol Police Chief Voices Displeasure At Tucker Carlson's Airing of J6 Video Clip
Manger’s letter also addressed the “disturbing notion” that film of Officer Brian Sicknick walking in the Capitol seeming “healthy” after the rioters attacked him proved his death wasn’t related to the ... Read More.
McConnell Sides With Capitol Police; Blasts Fox News For Showing Jan 6th Segment
“My worry is how it was depicted,” McConnell replied. I think the Capitol Police chief accurately stated what most of us saw on January 6th. Fox News misrepresented this, in my opinion. ... Read More.
Remember When This Country Built Things? Will We Ever Return To That Freedom?
Politicians originally thought their job was to improve our country, so we have national parks, great infrastructure, a strong military, amazing projects like the Hoover dam, and more. Now we have fake ... Read More.
Thousands Of Meta Employees Set To Lose Jobs As Zuckerberg Plans for Paternity Leave
According to reports, Mark Zuckerberg will take “imminent” paternity leave to have his third child, and “thousands of staff as soon as this week” may be fired. That’s on top of Meta’s November layoffs ... Read More.
Four Kidnapped Friends From Carolinas Had Traveled To Mexico So One Could Get A Medical Procedure
CNN reports that Barbara Burgess, the mother of 33-year-old McGee, a mother of six, flew to Matamoros with a group of South Carolina friends for a medical procedure. “Zindell kept saying, ‘We shouldn’t ... Read More.
Brother Of Alex Murdaugh Isn't Convinced He Murdered Wife And Son
On Friday, Murdaugh’s defense attorney, Jim Griffin, claimed the family was “more convinced that he did not commit this” after the six-week trial and that they were “steadfastly in his camp and back hi ... Read More.
North Korea To U.S.; Shoot Down ONE Of Our Test Missiles And It Will Be Act Of War
Kim Yo Jong, the influential sister of leader Kim Jong Un, warned that the U.S. military action against the North’s strategic nuclear tests would be a “declaration of war” for Pyongyang. ... Read More.
China Warns U.S. 'If You Don't Hit The Brakes You Will Risk Confrontation'
On Tuesday, the Chinese foreign minister defended Beijing’s position on the turmoil in Ukraine and defended Beijing’s close connections with Russia, warning that the United States must adjust its “dist ... Read More.
Jill Biden Thinks A Mental Competency Test For POTUS Is Ridiculous
After Haley, 51, remarked earlier this month that the US needed to “get past the outdated ideas and faded names of the past” ahead of the 2024 presidential election, the first lady made her remarks. He ... Read More.
Atlanta "Cop City" Protests Nets 23 Facing Domestic Terrorism Charges
At a Sunday night press conference, Atlanta Police Chief Darin Schierbaum claimed demonstrators were at an event near the training site. Some “left that place and at around 5:30 p.m. headed toward the ... Read More.
Florida Woman Pleads Guilty Of Stealing Over $1M In COVID Funds
Miller allegedly scheduled a Gulfstream private aircraft charter from Florida to California in August 2020 using a phony driver’s license. She stayed at a five-star hotel using the victim’s name. ... Read More.

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