Newt Gingrich Predicts Trump's Victory in 2024 GOP Primary and Dim Outlook for Third Republican Debate
According to Newt Gingrich, a Fox News contributor and former House Speaker, he has declared that former President Donald Trump will emerge as the winner of the 2024 Republican primary. Additionally, G ... Read More.
Republican Debate Viewership Dips: Second Event Draws Only 9.5 Million Audience
The viewership for the recent debate was lower compared to the previous one in August, where 12.8 million people tuned in. This August debate was significant as it provided an opportunity for many Amer ... Read More.
Impeachment Inquiry Launched: President Biden Accused of Assisting Son in Foreign Business Deals
Included within a collection of documents are various messages and emails originating from James Biden, the brother of the president, as well as Hunter Biden, the president’s son. These correspondences ... Read More.
Fox News Airs TikTok Commercial Amidst Republican Primary Debate Focused on CCP Government Allegations
During the Fox News debate, moderator Stuart Varney pointed out that Mr. Ramaswamy connected with TikTok at a dinner with boxer and influencer Jake Paul. TikTok, banned on government-issued devices due ... Read More.
Rep. Matt Gaetz Keeps Mum on House Speaker Preference Amidst Kevin McCarthy Controversy
During a recent session on the House floor, Mr. Gaetz delivered a speech where he expressed his intention to remove Mr. McCarthy from his position. This could potentially be achieved through a motion t ... Read More.
Kaepernick's Instagram Letter: 35-Year-Old Former QB Begs NY Jets For Chance At Starting Spot
Former NFL QB Colin Kaepernick begged Jets GM Joe Douglas on Instagram, expressing interest in joining the team to address their quarterback depth challenges following Aaron Rodgers’ injury. ... Read More.
Biden vs. Green Party: The Battle for the General Election Heats Up with Cornel West
Cornel West, a university professor and dedicated socialist activist, is running as a candidate for the Green Party in the upcoming 2024 election. With the goal of securing ballot access in almost ever ... Read More.
Paul Ryan's Concerns: Republican Party's Fate, Potential Shutdown, and Frustration with Trump's Followers
Former House Speaker Paul Ryan has expressed concerns about the Republican party’s chances in the upcoming presidential election. If Donald Trump becomes the nominee, Ryan believes the party may face d ... Read More.
The Democratic Party's Agenda: Ideology, Power, and Finances - Who Do They Really Serve?
The Democratic Party’s level of interest in America as a nation has diminished. The Democratic party, along with their more extreme and aggressive supporters, known as their radical and violent base, a ... Read More.
NY Judge's Shock Ruling: Trump's Real Estate Empire Built on Fraud
Judge Engoron ruled in a civil lawsuit filed by the New York attorney general. The former president and his company were found guilty of deceptive practices, including inflating asset values and exagge ... Read More.
Sen. Bob Menendez Stands Firm Amid Indictment and Cash Controversy: No Plans to Resign
Senator Bob Menendez refuses to resign from his Senate position despite bribery charges. He claims ownership of the cash found in his residence, clarifying that it came from personal savings accounts. ... Read More.
Impeachment Inquiry into President Biden to Begin: Key Witnesses Named
The impeachment inquiry into President Biden will commence on Thursday, with the House calling upon a forensic accountant, a constitutional scholar, and a former Justice Department tax supervisor as it ... Read More.
PA State Trooper Charged with False Imprisonment and Unlawful Admission: A Shocking Case of Abuse of Power
In Pennsylvania, a State Police trooper who is married has been charged with false imprisonment. The trooper is accused of forcefully detaining his ex-girlfriend and unlawfully admitting her to a menta ... Watch Now.
Trump Takes the Lead: New Poll Shows 10-Point Advantage Over Biden in 2024 Presidential Race!
According to a recent Washington Post-ABC News poll, President Biden is facing challenges in gaining approval from a skeptical public. Dissatisfaction is increasing specifically in relation to his hand ... Read More.
BREAKDOWN: Sen. Menendez Faces Bribery Charges: Extravagant Gifts and Corruption Scandal Unveiled
Senator Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) and his wife’s indictment has had a major impact on Washington’s political landscape. As chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations committee, Menendez holds a powerful p ... Read More.

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