Gisele Bündchen's New Instagram Post Is Blowing Up The Internet
Gisele Bündchen published a pole dancing video after splitting from Tom Brady. In an Arezzo video, 42-year-old Bündchen danced in black outfits, one with fringe. One outfit had a long-sleeved thong bod ... Read More.
Mexican President Threatens Republicans Over Fentanyl Rhetoric; Change Or Else!
If the US did not modify its “interventionist, brutal, hypocritical, and corrupt” policies, López Obrador claimed Mexicans and Hispanics would vote “not one vote” for Republicans. ... Read More.
Pentagon Allegedly Funding 'Havana Syndrome' Experiments - In Animals
Politico’s sources say the Pentagon tested pulsed radio frequency sources on primates. Due to stricter animal testing rules, the research would not have been allowed without “extremely robust science” ... Read More.
Mexican Cartel Member Apologizes For Death Of American; Hands Over Alleged Suspects With Letter
The drug gang that runs most of the state of Tamaulipas is said to have sent them a letter. “We have decided to hand over those who were directly involved and responsible for what happened, and who alw ... Read More.
Eight Dead After Attack At Jehovah Witness Gathering In Germany
Spiegel’s sources said the shooter was a former Jehovah’s Witness in his mid-30s who wasn’t extremist. Spiegel alleges the man created a website offering her consulting employment in many subjects, inc ... Read More.
China's Xi Wins Third 5-Year Term With 2,952 to 0 Vote
The National People’s Congress, which is mostly for show, had no choice but to approve Xi’s appointment. Since taking power in 2012, Xi has pushed out potential rivals and put his supporters in the top ... Read More.
Mexican President Claims His Country Doesn't Have Fentanyl Problem; Doesn't Consume The Drug
López Obrador responded to a question on why America doesn’t “take care of their problem of societal disintegration” by saying, “Here, we do not make fentanyl, and we do not have consumption of fentany ... Read More.
Kari Lake Has A Logical, Yet Stern Message For FL Governor Ron DeSantis
Lake has been a Trump loyalist since her gubernatorial race, and that reputation has persisted after her November loss. Trump allegedly included her on his 2024 running mate shortlist, indicating recip ... Read More.
Sharon Stone Shares Painful Story How She lost Custody Of Child After Basic Instinct Release
According to Variety, the judge questioned 4-year-old Roan if he knew his mother created sex tapes on the Table for Two podcast. Stone considers the film’s creation “system abuse” because many question ... Read More.
EPIC! Teamsters President And GOP Senator Go Toe To Toe During Senate Investigation
President Sean O’Brien got into a heated argument with Sen. Markwayne Mullin (R-Okla.). Mullin said that the union leader was “sucking the paycheck” out of workers to make his salary, which was about $ ... Read More.
MTG, James Comer Coordinating Congressional Visit To Meet Incarcerated J6 Members
Despite coordinating the initiative and visiting the prison, Greene said she does not contact the Jan. 6 defendants because it would be “inappropriate.” I don’t share fundraisers, therefore I don’t kno ... Read More.
Matt Gaetz Proposal To Bring Home Troops From Syria Defeated 321-103
On the House floor, Rep. Gaetz claimed American personnel in Syria were trapped in a “hellscape” of violence and foreign interference and that American counterterrorism activities there would continue. ... Read More.
Donald Trump Would Have Not Stood For The Kidnapping And Killing Of American Citizens
Even though this brazen attack occurred on the Mexican side of the border, barely a few miles from U.S. territory, Rep. Mark Green claimed the cartels continue to exploit the Biden administration’s poo ... Read More.
The Trial And Conviction Of Dr. Anthony Fauci; What's Taking So Long?
In late January and early February 2020, colleagues told Fauci that the COVID-19 infection “(maybe) seemed manufactured within a laboratory,” according to communications. Alarmed, Fauci increased his d ... Read More.
Witnesses Come To Aid Of NFL Hall of Famer Against Hotel Allegations Of Sexual Inappropriateness With Female
Watkins noticed “absolutely nothing” inappropriate and that Irvin and the woman exchanged handshakes and grins. “There was nothing untoward out of the chat,” Watkins said as Irvin left for the lift and ... Read More.

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